My Life As A Lounge

My Life as a Lounge, By, Ima Settee

Im a lounge and I was brought into this home on the 18th August 1952 after being purchased from a store in Merriwa by a farming Family from Bunnan.
Upon arrival at my new residence, life for me as a lounge was looking pretty as on the first day everyone in the house had to have a turn ON THE LOUNGE, “ Feel the Quality of the fabric “ was often the way referred to me, “ Such a sturdy armrest” was another.
I recall auntie Eunice as I now know her, arriving in her blue terrytowlene dress to look at the new lounge”, and didn’t that make me feel somewhat inadequate and in fear of my internal wooden frame as the large Auntie Eunice started to lower her carcass onto me. Never mind, that incident was only the beginning of many a fine time being referred to as The Lounge.
Often DAD had to sleep on me as he had too many alcoholic beverages and Mum sent him to the lounge.
On another occasion, Dad was pretty crook and lay On The Lounge with a striped blanket and a bucket, come to think of it, The striped blanket and I had a fairly good working relationship, The striped blanket gave warm and soothing whilst I was more accommodating allowing the sick and the frail somewhere to lay their weary heads.
I recall one day, when young graham brought his rabbit inside, and whilst the rabbit was placed on my left armrest, the rabbit did some droppings on me and some number ones, My My didn’t mum get a tad upset, and gee didn’t i pay for that, As mum scrubbed and scrubbed my arm with that shocking stuff Gumption, Gee it gets the nasty stains off, but bloody hell it’s a tad rough and gritty.
In 1966 after dad lay on me with a smoke and fell asleep , I suffered a severe burn mark to one of my cushions, yep you guessed it ‘the cushion was sent to the upholsteres for repairs,. So I had to sit there only half the lounge I used to be.
The cushion arrived back after two or so weeks, and didn’t he look all fine and dandy, mY My isn’t it looking like brand new again,,,,yeah yeah,I thought, Next mum will wont the Whole lounge recovered.
Sure as eggs three months two days and 56 minutes 4 seconds, I heard that horrible sound come from the kitchen…………Dad lets get the old lounge recovered” I heard.
Oh great, off I go to the lounge unholsteres for a recovering job, Terrific I thought, as when I was sitting in the lounge showrrom all those years ago I recall the horror story of a two seater sofa, about the time he was sent in for recovering and they covered him in purple satin.
What was to become of me I thought, regardless dad slid me onto the back of the ute and off we went back to merriwa, “Three weeks and itll be tip top” I recalled with man with the big scissors say.
Sitting in the repair section it was a horrific experience the man slit my fabric off and removed my friends the staples that held the fabric to my frame.
The velvetine red fabric mum had previously chosen for me wasn’t too bad other than it kind off made me feel a little bit girly. But anyway as my straps were being retightend and my wooden feet repaired I had a feeling of a new lease on life, Not like Kevin the Jason recliner who had a new motor and footrest installed by a back yard upholster and it was a shocking job and he was in for a complete rebuild, “Yep even down to his little rubber sliding feet thingies were removed, Kevin was devastated and didn’t ever feel the same.
Anyway back to me, after three weeks but more like four, I was on the back of the ute and heading home, Yeehaa I recall young graham rejoicing upon my arrival.
Life was back to normality, Auntie Eunice, dad in a drunken stupior, Graham laying on me playing cars, I was experiencing it all again, As being the showcase of the Loungeroom.
I recall one early eveing, Lorraine the eldest daughter ask dad to come and sit on the lounge, She had something to say .”Ooooohhhh family announcement time, Lorraine sat mum and dad down on me then proceeded to inform them, that she was to move out, Oh no I thought, now more having Barbie dolls and fairies on me anymore ( Mind you Don’t tell the others my likes to having dolls on me) , regardless mum and dad had a few tears and lorraine was sent with their blessing.
I remember when grandma Johnson had a heart turn whilst sitting on me when she was short of breathe, My that was a stressfull day, the doctor arrived as she lay gasping on me, and she was whisked away via an ambulance.
Farming is a hard job, according to the many conversations folk had on me over the years, and in late 1971 I observed a lot of boxes and strange men in the house, I remember mum saying, the removalists will shift that dad, Oh dear, were moving I thought,
Trouble was I wasn’t included in the plans, and I have sat here ever since, rabbits ,sheep, possums, three daddy long legs spiders and a fruit bat have all enjoyed my fine sturdy frame and comforting cushions.
Even today, a homeless man from Wingham uses me as his bed and comfort so my life continues as the Lounge that serves irrespective of me feeling somewhat unloved. …….but I know I have been loved and and didn’t end up like the two seater duvee Gerald that was disassembled and made into a pull out bed, But that’s another story.

Anyways, I have loved being a lounge, and still do,

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