Poppykitten comp- last few hours.

Poppykittens competition ends today(30th) at midnight.
Please make sure all entries are in before that time and any pics that are already entered are properly tagged.Please read the original journal entry from poppykitten for further rules.
Good luck to everyone:-)

A competition for you all.

As it is coming up for Christmas, I am feeling generous and so I am running a competition for you all.
The title of the comp is “naked photography” now before you all get to excited, what I mean is untouched photographs.
The categories are
1) Macro
2) Portrait or people
3) Abstract (this includes odd camera angles)
4) Everything else
They have to be untouched photographs, exactly the same as you took them, no messing with contrast or saturation etc and definitely no Photoshop
You can enter as many categories as you like, but only one entry per category (does this make sense?)
Please tag all entries poppykittencomp and state which category you are entering.
You can add you image to this post or just your profile, but remember to tag them :-)))

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