Poppykitten Competition

I am writing this on behalf of Poppykitten,whose computer has had to go to the shop for repairs.

There are only 2 days left to get your entries in for the poppykitten ‘naked’ competition.
All entries must be photos that have been left untouched ,with no tweaking by photoshop etc.

Please check out her original journal enty for further rules.
If you have trouble finding it please go to her homepage, poppykitten ,then check her journal entries for one called ’ a competition for you all’, aplogies for not putting in a link as I am rubbish at that sort of thing.

Also, entries must be tagged properly with ‘poppykittencomp’ then entered into one of 4 catagories abstract, macro, people, everthing else these words must also be tagged. If they are not tagged then they will be disqualified from the comp,,sorry.

There are a great amount of entries so far but it would be wonderful to see a few more before the deadline.

There is a great prize to be had so why not give it a go.

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