Rosie Rowe

Bude, United Kingdom

Self-taught mixed media artist… constantly exploring and experimenting. I love the combination of my own artwork with digital...

How exciting...

I am discovering strange things and images lurking inside my head. I always knew they were there I suppose – a healthy fascination with Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” and the positronic pathways of advanced robotics, is probably a good indicator. I also read “Dune” and loved the rather long and drawn-out movie of the same name. Spice worms… hmmmm!
A few days before Christmas I went to the library to get some new, less tedious, thrillers to read over the holidays. I sometimes browse the arts and crafts section, in the hope of finding a new and exciting surprise on the shelves. It rarely happens and most of the books I’d want to read are on my Amazon wishlist!
This particular day, I picked up two vastly different books on Watercolour Painting – one about Watercolour Innovations (yes, Blake, that’s where I got started experimenting!) and another on painting the negative as opposed to the positive. That one is harder to get my head round…
So, I have discovered that all the things I learnt to do with acrylic painting this year, or most of them, can also be applied to watercolour painting. I feel like a kid in a candy shop – I don’t know which to pick up first! Inevitably, I am enjoying another journey here – watercolour vs. acrylics… mixing my medias or keeping it pure?
When I find an answer, I’ll share it here, but till then – rock on with the journey!

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