Spring Blooms - Featured Artist.... Woo Hoo

We have much pleasure in introducing Rosemaree to the group as this month’s featured artist. Rosemaree’s portfolio is varied and worth a visit. “see here” :http://www.redbubble.com/people/rosemaree

Rosemaree resides in Australia and travelled to America last year. She bought a camera to take holiday snaps and, as she says, the rest is history! .

She loves to photograph just about anything. It can be a wierd shaped tree, a bug, rock formation, old buildings, sunsets, and anything else that catches her eye.

1. What drew you to photography?

As a teenager I was interested in photography and took some classes at high school, but after getting married and having children I become too ‘busy’ to do any photography other than family happy snaps.

I used a lot of photography in my work as a teacher to keep records of various activities and student work. I created annotated digital portfolios that I gave to the parents at the end of the years as a documentary of their child’s year.

Then in 2007 I was lucky enough to take a trip to the USA for six weeks. I was very excited and decided that I would buy a new camera that I could take away and then use in the classroom on my return. I purchased an Olympus E510 kit and I was set.
I used it to take thousands of photos in the US and since returning and finding out that I was unable to return to teaching due to my injuries I have used it as a lifeline. While in the US I met a lovely couple Debbie & Dave Sandersfeld and they convinced me that I should join RedBubble and the rest is history.

Photography has become a wonderful way to stay busy and to make new friends. I don’t think I will ever put my camera aside again.

2. What is your favourite subject to take photos of?

I don’t really have a favourite subject. I often drive my children crazy as I take the camera everywhere now and I will just stop on the side of the road if something catches my eye. I spent quite a bit of time before Christmas taking photographs of Orchids and Roses so that I could make calendars for my beautiful Gran and my mother-in-law. Since then I have found that I cannot pass a flower by without wanting to photograph it… I am especially enjoying using macro lenses with the flower work.
I love to photograph animals… A friend has been trying to convince me to start photographing dogs, cats and horses as a career. You will find plenty of animals shots in my folio.

I also enjoy sharing photos of family and friends and even landscape. So my taste is fairly eclectic and I enjoy it all. I can take hundreds of photographs in a session but am so self critical that I am lucky if 20 survive and then maybe 2 or 3 make it to RB.

3. What camera do you use?

I use an Olympus E510 and E520. I have a range of lenses including a 35mm macro; 25mm wide angle, 18-180mm Zoom, 70-300mm Zoom, 14-42mm, 40-150mm…
I hope in the near future to upgrade to the profession Eseries…

4. What editing programme do you use?

I have Adobe Lightroom and CS3 but am only just starting to learn how to use both. I generally post photos as is…straight from the camera. Perhaps as I learn to use the programs I will offer other manipulated images but I will always prefer the image straight from the camera.

5. What is your favourite image in your own portfolio

6. What is your favourite image of your own in the Spring Blooms Group and why?

This is a hard choice for me as I have taken so many shots of beautiful flowers over the past 12 months, however I think the “fluffy ball” photo taken on 27th Dec 08 has become one of my favourites. The DOF im this image made me smile when I saw it as it was very windy and trying to get a clear shot was very difficult… I liked the way the individual little florrettes are clear

7. What are your favourite three images of other people in the Spring Blooms Group?

Rosanne Casu – Solo Pink
The focus on the single bud shows great composition which is supported by the rule of thirds. I also like the way the DOF gives the background a beautiful blurred look in the same tones as the focal flower.

Ingz – Daisy Sun
This macro image has great DOF. The single petal across the flower immediately caught my eye which then moved to the droplet of water.

Corina Daniela Obertas – Just a Tulip Bud
This image of a tulip caught my eye straight away. It has such strong sharp edges and the black background allows the flower to take full focus from the viewer.

8. Last, but not least, would you like to tell us a little more about yourself and where you live.

I am a teacher, wife, and mother of five children and grandmother to 4 with one more on the way. I live in central Victoria (AUST) in an area that was part of the great gold rush in the 1800s. There are many historic buildings, ruins, wildlife and interesting people to photograph.

I am recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident and an incident at work and unable to teach so I use photography to help keep me focused.

I joined RB in early 2008 and have met some lovely artists through this wonderful site. I have also been able to meet with some other artists from RB and we get together often to share our favourite places to photograph… I am also looking forward to meeting other RB members and learning more about photography.

Thanks very much to the hosts of this group for allowing me the great honour of being a featured artist.

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