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I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...



Neil Boucher just put up a “Wow” journal asking who would want to buy a card of frozen barbed wire … I responded probably the same person who, today, bought a card of my Collaboration – Beauty and the Barbed Wire (and Cloud Art which also features barbed wire!) Hmmm maybe we have uncovered a fetish … !!!

Whoever it was, THANK YOU!!! It is so much fun watching the images that people like and are willing to buy – it is not always the ones you’d imagine.


Benches Calendar Sale ...

I have been slack and in the rush surrounding the ‘silly season’ neglected to thank another person with impeccable taste (!!!) who bought a copy of my Benches Calendar a couple of days ago.

I do trust you will enjoy the twelve opportunities to sit and rest a while!!! THANK YOU – it is amazing what a boost it gives to receive this type of encouragement.


Vintage effect - simplified

Here’s the basis for my Vintage effect rose just posted … I did go on and add a few frills (see my paragraph at the end) but the whole outcome hangs on this simple process:…

While this is aimed at PS / CS2 / CS3 users I’m confident you’ll find this doable in Elements also.

1. Make a DUPLICATE LAYER of your image (control J)
2. In the Image menu, go to Adjustments and across and down to Gradient Map
3. This should show you pretty little boxes of colour! Click on the one which has darker grey in top LH corner, decreasing to white in lower RH corner. Click OK
4. Across to the top right of your Layers Pallette, click on the tiny arrow next to Opacity.
5. Move the slider till the image suits you … maybe halfway?
6. Go to Image menu
7. Down to Adjustments and across to Photo Filter.
8. Choose the Sepia

Published photo ...

Just had news that Girls Just Want to Have Fun is to be published in (Australian) ‘Camera’ magazine’s “Readers’ Digital Gallery” pages, Jan/Feb 09 issue.

Let this be a lesson to all of us – this image was left to languish, after processing, in a folder for ages. I thought it didn’t quite ‘hang together’ as a piece of art. It has however taken off on every photo site that I’ve uploaded it to. You never know what will take off, until you try!!! Don’t write something off till you’ve at least given it a showing!!!

Now back to that happy digi dance again!!!!


I had to read the notification twice before I could believe it – last night a LARGE mounted print of Real Men Drive Utes sold – obviously to a Ford lover!! (Is it significant that I also sold a copy of the old Ford Anglia recently?!!)

There have been a few featureds and ‘top 10’ images lately, but this sale has eclipsed those … THANK YOU to the anonymous buyer. It certainly cheered up my day.

Another family member ...

… hits the Bubble!

My daughter Katie was one of the models at a shoot with Mel Brackstone, Rose Moxon, Sarah Moore, Geoff Coleman, Bill Fonseca, Adriana Glackin, Sonia, Bridgitte, Alan Kwok and Mik recently – in this shot Mik not only has her up a tree, but behind bars!

Mik’s normal genre is nature and animals so he was a little out of his comfort zone – please pop on over and give him some encouragement!! (No comments needed here!)

It is that time of year ...

… Christmas is provoking some online activity in my gallery …

The Greatest Gift has been voted in the top 10 in bo the “Holiday Greetings” and “Tis the Season” challenges

Girls Just Want to have Fun has been featured in Digital Art Compilations group

And Ford Anglia SOLD as a matted print to a wonderful but unknown buyer!!! THANK YOU!!

I’ve also been invited to be a guest photographer on a Sydney photography site … … wooohooo!

Now to find some more hours in the day … !!!

Lots of appreciation to you all for the constant encouragement and constructive support. xx


A bit of a rollercoaster the past few days!!…

1. I was privileged to join about a dozen others from around Sydney (and Wollongong and the Blue Mtns!!) for an informal lunch with Martin (aka Pilgrim, one of the founders of RB) on Wednesday … and I have a photo of him ironing his own shirt to prove it!! It was a very worthwhile time of sharing for all concerned … and delightful to put more faces to names!

2. The lovely Rene Hales this morning bought cards of Girls just want to have fun! and Three in a Row (THANK YOU – cheered up a rainy Saturday morning!)

3. Group Features this week include Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 1 and Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 2 both in the Mornings & Evenings Group
Stillness Speaks Group featured Grieg Piano Concerto AND awarded this image S

Happy digi dance ...

A bit of a buzz happening here at the moment …

Graffiti #1 won the Sydney Challenge this week
Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 1 came in the top 10 of the Outdoors comes Indoors Challenge AND was featured on Redbubble’s Home Page
I have sold a matted print of Girls Just Want to have Fun to the lovely Midzing (have a look at her avatar and you’ll see why!!)
Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 2 was featured in the Unwanted, Abandoned & Worth Saving group
and Faded Memories was featured in the LIve Love Dream Group.

Thank you to all involved – hosts, friends, supporters, commenters, and the Beavers who faithfully ‘beave’ in the RB office to make all this possible.

I wouldn’t be here without you!!!


Some wonderful person with impeccable good taste (!!) purchased a copy of my Benches Calendar over the weekend … THANK YOU!!! What a buzz!!!

Featureds over the past week include:
- Netherby Cottage Arbour in Live Love Dream
- Billy Goats Gruff No 2 in Mornings, Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms
- Girls Just Want to Have Fun in Live Love Dream
- Faded Memories also in Live Love Dream

The hosts of these groups do a wonderful job encouraging people along – loads of appreciation to them for their efforts. AND of course hugs and thanks to all who comment, favourite and support along the way. It makes the learning curve more bearable!!

Photo of the Day ... !!!

My Grieg Piano Concerto has been given Photo of the Day status in Judges Choice category on the site today!!! It will stay up probably across the weekend so can be viewed for a few days at this link

This is an Australian site which is very friendly and encouraging, and gives real prizes from time to time.

If you live in Australia and have a few minutes spare (don’t fall about laughing!! I’m sure you still have from midnight to dawn free!!!!) in a day, check the site out. You’ll find quite a few RBers made a start here.

Nostalgic Art & Photography Group

The Nostalgic Art & Photography Group was in need of someone to take up the reigns, so Peter (el presidente of the good ship RedBubble), the lovely Taschja Hattingh from South Africa, and I have joined forces to co-host it.

We are in the process of reviewing current work, putting some processes in place to ensure smooth running of admin issues, and will then be off and running with a fresh gallery of wonderful images featuring oft forgotten times, places, objects …

To those on my watchlist, it should come as no surprise that all things nostalgic, vintage, and aged is right up my alley!

Feel free to browse, join, make suggestions … would love to see you there!!!

Weekend happenings ...

The weekend was quite eventful … perhaps Christmas is coming!!!

- five cards of The Greatest Gift sold (thank you to the wonderful buyer!!)

- I was honoured as a Featured Artist in the Unwanted Abandoned or worth Saving Group (Thank you Scott and Philip!)

- A Challenge win for Home Sweet Home No 2 in the Come On In And Hang Your Hat Up Challenge (Thank you Cards – best of your best Group AND ALL WHO VOTED!)

- Berrima Bench No 2 was featured in the Live Love Dream Group (thank you Julie and all the gang)

It is so encouraging to receive this kind of validation – certainly spurs one on to try even harder!

Thanks to all the hard working hosts/moderators as well as those who comment.


What a day / week!!!

I woke this morning to find the lovely Winity2 has purchased TEN of my Persistence cards!! I had to look twice to make sure I had read the notice correctly!!

This image has also been featured and won a challenge this past week – it must have had a coming of age!

Other features in the past week have been
Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 1 in the Unwanted, Abandoned or Worth Saving Group
Home Sweet Home No 2 in the Benches Group (and DPFers did you notice 4 out of the 6 featured images are from Former DPF members? Woohoo!)
Berrima Bench No 1 in the Live Love Dream Group
Morning Delight in the Mornings and Evenings Group
Gladesville Hospital Cameo No 2 in the Sydney Group ….

Thanks to the hard working hosts, SPECIAL thanks to Winity2 for her support, and thank YOU all for the encouragement!

Challenge win

I was pleasantly surprised to arrive home from a few days away and find that my image Persistence has won the recent Australian Bush and Rainforest Photography Challenge!!

This goes to show the benefits of (1) looking in strange and unlikely places for photo subjects (under an old piece of tin!!) (2) posting photos that you maybe don’t feel are absolute masterpieces (I was of two minds about this one!) and (3) entering challenges ‘just in case’ !!!!

THANK you to the wonderful hosts of this group, to those who voted, and all who faithfully comment, favourite, and encourage.


From YellowJacket's wife ...

Our friend “YellowJacket” (Paul) passed away recently … his wife Merlyne wished to convey thanks to the Redbubble family, as follows:

Dear Red Bubble friends,

Everyone has been so very compassionate with your words of concern. Please accept a big THANK YOU from my heart. I still find it hard to believe that people in such large numbers from all around the world take time from their busy lives and respond to an announcement first that my Paul was not expected to live and then again at the announcement of his death.

When my Paul first ask me to e-mail a web site to let the people know he was ill and would not be adding additional pictures, I said yes. I did not get to the task for a day or two and almost forgot. In fact I almost didn’t send that e-mail. But something spoke to me late


Just catching up after a busy couple of weeks – over that time

Endurance was featured in the Nirvana Group
Grieg Piano Concerto in the All About Your Best Work Group
Kunzea Ambiqua in the Live Love Dream and the New South Wales Photography Groups
Blossoms in Spring Blooms
Monet Moment in Live Love Dream
Fagan Park Bridge No 3 in Mornings & Evenings – Sunbeams & Storms Group
Classic Sydney Harbour in the MELBOURNE GROUP!!!! (Thank you Sea Eagles!! Seeing we won the footy, the Sydney host – Sarah – got to host the Melbourne Group and wreak a little bit of havoc!!)

There were also a few “top 10” challenge results along the way … I am hugely grateful to those who voted, those who comment on and favourite these works,

The Hosts of the Groups also deserve some kudos – it can be jolly hard work!!

Interview and Featured Member!

I am honoured – Peter Hill has posted an interview with me in his wonderful Benches Group … if you want to read all the goss, get up close and personal, and find out about the pegs (!!), click here !!

Seriously, the Group maintains a high standard and is a real pleasure to belong to. If you want to be inspired, or have some bench images that you’d like to share, please pop on over and check it out. You won’t be sorry!

THANK YOU Peter and Andromedae – I am still smiling!

Is red leather your 'thing'?!

My wonderful Lady in Red is up for grabs … she’s starred at Gallery 26, and on YouTube … makes a stunning prop for photos … if you live in Sydney and could give her a good home, please let me know. The only catch is you’d have to come pick her up … she doesn’t fit in my sedan!!!


Sad news ... YellowJacket

Those who are members of the Former DPF Group will be saddened to hear that our friend YellowJacket (Paul) passed away early morning 9th October USA time.…

His wife Merlyne has requsted that I pass this news on to his ‘online family’.

While we know he is now free of pain and with his Maker, as humans we will miss him and his wonderful sense of humour, his courage, and his encouragement. He touched so many lives. I admire him so much for rising above his disabilities and looking for ways to still make a difference. Till recently he was out photographing animals in the local shelter in order to maximise their opportunity of finding a home.

I have expressed our love and support to his wife Merlyne, and said I would pass on any comments from his ‘online family’ in about a week’s time. So ple

Great news!

It is a public holiday here in Australia – great to wander out to the computer and find that
Grieg Piano Concerto was featured in All About Your Best Work,
Purple Rose Challenge has made it into the Top 10 for the Purple Rose Challenge (yes I know – not much originality in the name of my pic!)
Spring made it into the Top 10 for The Secret Garden Challenge
and Endurance was featured in Nirvana earlier last week.

Thank you to voters, commenters, watchlisters, hosts for the wonderful encouragement!!! It’s a wet day here – certainly added a bit of sunshine!


I’m a bit taken aback … four more featureds in the past few days …

Spring in both Live, Love, Dream, and the New South Wales Photograpy Groups
Leura Cascades No 1 in New South Wales Photography
Urban Myth in Shots in the Fog.

I am so grateful for the support of my watchlist, and the encouragement that the hosts give by including our works in their Featureds. It sure gives one a boost!!!! Woohoo (shouldn’t log on just before bed – I get too excited!). THANK YOU!!


My Bubblesite is sorta up and working – I just can’t figure out how to get the Featureds into the order I’d like them (have dragged and dropped till I am dropping myself – they just won’t stick once I’ve got them in order!!!). If you have any helpful suggestions please let me know!!!

Click here if you want to have a squizz.


Redbubbler Antoine de Paauw, who creates the most amazing paper sculptures, along with his gifted illustrator-wife, Wendy, will be holding an exhibition / open day this weekend at Artarmon here in Sydney.

If you are in the area please pop by and meet this multi-talented couple and view their work.

Saturday and Sunday 20 and 21 September
10am – 4pm
2a Tindale Road

I hope to be there on Sunday. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to bubble me.



How encouraging it is to find your work on Featured pages!!!!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found
Music featured in Inspiring Greeting Cards
Catching the LIght in Light and Reflection
Spring Fever in Live Love Dream
Safari in National Parks of the World

It always makes my day to have some validation from our ‘leaders’ and encouragement from other members. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!


“Urban Myth(st)” has barely been up ten minutes, and it is featured in the Light and Reflection Group – thank you Hostsl!!!

I decided I’d better check my Works Featured list and found that in the past few days I’ve also had
- Autumn Arrives featured in Benches Group
- Lilian Fraser Beauty No 1 featured in Live, Love, Dream
- Vintage Gerbera ditto in Stillness Speaks

While there seems to be fast and furious “I’ve been featured” journals going up from people lately, it is still a buzz when it happens to you, and it is an encouragement to others also – if WE can do it, so can you!!!

New Group

Could I encourage you to check out the new Freedom to Shine Group, hosted by Roger Sampson and Julie (solareclipse) … you just may find a ‘home away from home’ !!

These two are the most enthusiastic hosts imaginable and have amazing plans to encourage and promote all levels and genres of work.

No comments expected here – please spend the time reading the FTS description and seeing if this may indeed be somewhere you’d like to hang out!!

WHAT A DAY - Part 2

Good things actually come in threes, not in twos!!

A huge THANK YOU to Blossom who purchased a card of Faded Rose tonight.

All three images that have drawn attention today have been in the Vintage genre – maybe someone is trying to tell me something?!!

Rather than leave a comment here, please use those moments to have a look at Blossom’s beautiful gallery – she supports cancer research with some of her sales and deserves encouragement for her efforts.



Firstly I was wondering why my Vintage Pink image was taking off suddenly today with more comments and favouritings – now I know!!

It is featured on Redbubble’s Art page – along with amazing images by Jason Connelly, Paul Vanzella, Robert Mullner, Sharon Hammond and others whose bootlaces I feel unworthy to tie! I am thrilled.

Secondly I had word today that Vintage Luna Park will be used by a card company in Sydney to create giveaway postcards in spinners at hundreds of venues – I don’t think it has sunk in yet – Sarah’s Butterfly Kisses was published by them a few weeks ago, and is already out there in the ‘marketplace’ so keep an eye out in tourist spots, cafes, theatres etc … you may see some familiar images!!!

Woohoo !!!

New artist

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and view Gallo’s work here … I have persuaded him to join the Rusty Crusty Group just so I can enjoy having the pleasure of featuring some of these rusty abstracts. They are really a work of art!!!


Logged on this morning to find my view-meter is showing 50,026 clicks – - – all in just 10 months!

I’m blown away. Thank you everyone for your support, push, encouragement, help, and wonderful comments along the way!!



For those who have been asking, here is the basic process for getting the sketch effect which is used in my images True Blue No 2, in Ettamogah Pub and in George’s Old Rocking Chair and St Aiden’s Church.…

Please note this does NOT work on every image – you need one with highly defined texture / contrast for it to be effective!

I use CS3 so it will all be in ‘PS-speak’ !!! George’s were done in Elements so the process transfers OK.

Open your colour photo in PS
Make a duplicate layer (which will default to Layer 1)
Desaturate it (Image / adjustments / desaturate)
Make a duplicate layer of this layer (it will call itself Layer 2 – or Layer 1 copy)
Invert it (Image / adjustments / invert) so now Layer 2 image will look more like an infrared or a negative.
Right click on Layer 2 in the Layers palet

Special Card Sale

I have been touched by the sale of my card Seeing Spots today – this shot was taken on the platform at Hornsby railway station here in Sydney … and was bought by Earthangel who originally had this to say about the image:…

I love it but I’m biased – I work for an Australia wide Blindness and Low Vision Agency and I love that you took this pic and won an award for this. Many people take tactile markings for granted but when you know people who have died or fallen down between a train and a platform due to blindness and the everyday difficulties they face – I love these things! This would be a great card for our organisation to sell. Well done love the colour contrast which is also what it’s all about.

THANK YOU EARTHANGEL for thinking beyond the box and seeing a way for this work to potenti

Max Watson (Maximus)

Just had a message from Max late this evening – he’s been admitted to hospital with a suspected TIA (transient ischemic attack – mini-stroke).

As it is going on for 11pm I have not pursued this further – will check with the hospital and try to visit him Thursday if possible.

Those who know Max’s history will realise this is worrying as he suffered a major stroke a few years ago which left him severely handicapped, at a comparatively young age.

I know he would value your prayers – if you’d like to send him a message, feel free to post a comment and I’ll print and deliver!



My image The Buoy has been featured in Selective Colouring Group!!! Thanks to the Hosts, and to all who have supported this image in the past.

Certainly is a buzz!!!


Sold 3 cards!!!

Wow – huge thanks to Hans Goepel who bought 3 of my images as cards this evening!!!

I am so delighted – thank you Hans, and thank you to all who encourage and comment.

Another happy digi-dance on this end … !!!!


Enforced layoff!!

Long story, but my phone supplier did a brief disonnect of my broadband-dedicated phone line today – resulting in no internet access. Apparently the interruption diabled the codes and it will now take up to 10 working days for Ozemail to go reinstate them as well as a $99 fee!!!.

Instant tantrum on this end!

Ozemail have now provided me with free dialup for that period and Telstra will credit my next bill with the $99 – however the VERY slow access means I won’t be too active on-site … please forgive my lack of comments and involvement – here’s hoping it will be less than the predicted 10 working days!!

Wow - 40,000 views!

Just logged in and noticed my “view-ometer” says 40,044 hits (on 194 images since Sept 07) …

Now what other art gallery gives us that kind of exposure – AND provides global access!!! As much as it is wonderful to see a work physically hanging on a wall, we sure are fortunate to have such an active online gallery available!

Thank you to all the faithful viewers and commenters, and a huge thank you to Redbubble for providing the opportunity!!!

I'm outa here ...

I’ll be off the air for a few days (there are some who would say I’m off the air most of the time I guess – whoops!!) … for a bit of R&R at Nelson Bay. Will look forward to catching up with all your works when I return. Meanwhile I am going to try yet again to get a worthy pic of the tank traps in the Anna Bay sand dunes …


Card sales!!!!

A huge THANK YOU to whoever purchased 3 copies of The Bike in card format this evening! On lots of levels it is a real buzz – firstly that someone actually likes my work enough to pay good money for it, and secondly this was a ‘file 13’ image that I worked on salvaging because I really liked the subject … so it has justified my effort!

Happy digi dance happening again over here!!!

:+) Hugs

Avatar win

I am quite stunned to have my Misty Morning shot voted by the Stillness Speaks Group as Avatar for May. What a buzz!!! Wow.

A big thank you to all who voted, whether it was for my image or one of the other contenders … it really does put energy into the group and encourage the other members.

Cheers (and a little happy digi-dance)

Please welcome ...


… give a big RB welcome to, and check out the Portfolio of Antoine de Paauw.

Antoine is a paper sculptor, photographer, graphic artist and general good bloke.

I spent a couple of hours viewing his display today and I am lost for words. To think he creates these unique works of art from scratch, totally by hand … !!!

:+) Rosalie

Collaboration with Prasad

Prasad asked if I would work on a couple of his photographs to provide collaborations.

The first of these two has been uploaded in his gallery tonight, Blossom in the Blue

He is donating any proceeds from sales to “Green Earth – peoples or organizations working for Global Warming”. Please visit and encourage him in his endeavour!!

Thank you my friend for the opportunity of working on your fine image!


Another milestone!

Wasn’t going to do this again, but I can’t help myself – have now passed the 25,000 hits mark on my 154 works … woohoo!!!

Huge appreciation to everyone – you have been so encouraging and supportive! Redbubble certainly pushes one out of the old comfort zone, and it is not a bad thing!!!

Luv ya all

New Group

Hey if anyone is into BMK or Mountain Biking, two of my favourite people have started a group specifically for you!!!

Stevie Millgate and Bill Fonseca are the hosts – check it out here if you think this could be for you.

(Strangely eating dirt is not something that I’m really into, but I do appreciate great shots and extreme enthusiasm when I see it!!!)

Go guys – luv ya both!!!


In order to facilitate our communication and interaction within the huge Redbubble site, we have begun a Group specifically for Former DPF Members!!…

I’ve just been advised it is now LIVE and we can join and upload to this Group.

This has been started so we don’t have to have 50 extra people on our Watchlist with masses of uploads into our Activity Monitor every day – it means that we can go join the FORMER DPF MEMBERS group, tick that box when we upload a photo, and go browse the Group the same as though it were DPF – as a separate entity.

We can also post threads in our own Forum (please play nice – if you have something to discuss with an individual member, please Bubblemail them, not use the Forum!!). Gail and I will be Hosts for now and I’ve requested Gail’s pawpaw pic be used as an A

Ex-DPF site members ...

Hi all…

With the demise of DPF imminent we have lots of members joining Redbubble with some trepidation and confusion. I am about to be absent for four days, but for those who are struggling and still have questions, the following may be worth printing and keeping handy!!

ALSO please note I am making enquiries about starting a group specifically for Ex-DPF members so we can mingle there, look at new uploads from our friends, have our own discussion forum, and not have to enlarge our watchlist and overload our activity monitors – will keep you all posted.

1. Uploads: I default to making the longest side of my pics 3840 pixels, and upload at 600dpi or 600ppi – this is sufficient size and quality for printing.
2. Getting seen: This is a massive site – the best way to have your work seen is to

Off the air ...

… think of me … I will be suffering withdrawal symptoms for four days while I take a break and recharge my virtual batteries as from tomorrow (Sunday). Please don’t have too much fun without me – or I won’t ever be able to go away again for fear of missing out!!!

The up side is that I will be near a beach, so am hoping for some suitable weather and serious beach shots for a change.

A few days after my return, we are having a Waterfall shoot with Will Barton in the Blue Mountains – if you want to join us, please contact Will. These get togethers are not only fun, they are tremendous sharing and learning experiences.

Host – Rusty Crusty and Falling to Bits Group

Are you missing out?

Please take a moment to check out “Pixeltrekker’s” fantastic work. Can’t believe he’s been a member since 2007 and has such a lack of comments. His portfolio contains some excellent work.

10,000 hits

Never dreamed I could do it – thank you all who have viewed and supported! Just noticed the 10,000 clicks has ticked over. (Yes Dazza – one of ‘those’ dreaded journal entries!!)

Get together 19 January - Sydney northside ...

Not too long ago I wrote about a get together on our side of Sydney for anyone interested in some great photo opportunities and ‘getting to know you’ time ……

So far I have interests from DPF as well as redbubblers – and some photography nuts who are (shock horror!!) not on any sites at all!!

Please get back to me asap to express interest if you are keen – so far it is a toss up whether we begin from Swanes Rose Nursery and proceed via a couple of scenec spots in a north easterly direction (Berowra Waters and Fagan Park) or we meet at the Ettamogah pub and move on via Scheyville National Park and all the delapidated Army Barracks etc., and perhaps historic Pitt Town.

Looking forward to hearing from you – if transport is a problem, the nearest train is Pennant Hills and I’m sure we can arran

Generous Redbubblers

I have noticed that ENaLu will donate profit from any of her works tagged ‘Axel’ to Sarah and Glen to help with expenses surrounding their recent tragedy.

Bless you Eirena – the redbubblers continue to overwhelm us with their generosity.

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