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Update Dennis Gay ~ #7

Dennis’s latest message – not the best on the health front! However the accommodation news continues to improve.

UPDATE: Day92 – Mixed news.

My blood PSA reading, (prostate cancer indicator), has now gone from 41 to 300 to 650 and the last bone scan shows more cancer sites in the long bones, hips, sternum and spine.
There is no trace of cancer in any of the major organs and THAT is a really good thing.

I am now off Chemo Therapy as it obviously is not doing what it was expected to do and now only require a four weekly injection of Zometa to strengthen the bones. Surprisingly I have no bone pain as yet and THAT is also a good thing.

As I am off the chemo and slowly weaning myself off the steroids, I will slowly rid myself of all those side effects and start feeling better abd better. THAT is a good thing too.

When I next see my Oncologist in four weeks time I may well be put on a heavier Chemo Therapy. This therapy is only available in Australia for thousands of dollars a go at the moment but by four weeks time it may well be on Australia’s “Free List” for poor folk like me. If it is not then the question will be, “How much is your Life worth to you, Dennis?” This therapy is now fully available in Great Britian and is used to extend the life of prostate cancer victims at this stage of the disease.

On the home front I have settled in nicely to my lovely new home and an still unpacking the last of the boxes and finding new places for old things now having much more room in which to do it.

My connections with anyone to do with my old place – the park owner, the developer and my representatives – are now completely severed as the money due me is in my account. This now allows me to buy new things to complete the set-up of my new home. Washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner and automatic garage roller door, head the list. Getting my car back on the road is now a reality as is buying the new camera gear and printer from my Wish List.

Truly I could not have handled what I have gone through without all the incredible support, well wishes, prayers and love ‘n’ light from my family, Port friends and all of you wonderful FB friends. You are all in my prayers.

Life is still good.
GB you all.

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