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Update Dennis Gay ~ #6

Here’s another Facebook message from our good friend … all positive thoughts, prayers and comments appreciated!! Dennis had been off line for a while while moving house …


Sorry to report that healthwise I am as flat as a tack. I knocked the pneumonia on the head but the whole experience including the chemo side effects as well as the stress of moving house has given me a hiding and I feel very weak in all departments. I am really not looking forward to my next chemo on Friday. But I can still laugh and I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics.

The removal itself was flawless. Loading the truck, driving across town and unloading took 4hr max. I must once again praise my son Michael for the fantastic job he did. Truly, if it were not for him the move just would not have happened. He had to go back home early on Saturday morning and he is deeply missed.

Michael made sure all the basics were dset up in my new home before he left and I am now taking things very easy – slowly unpacking, sorting and arranging. It is a very nice place and I have good neighbours so I am extremely happy to have ended up here to begin this final stage of my life.

I could not have done what I have done without all the incredible support, well wishes, prayers and love ‘n’ light from my family, Port friends and all of you wonderful FB friends. You are all in my prayers.

Life is still good.
GB you all.

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