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I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...

Ex-DPF site members ...

Hi all

With the demise of DPF imminent we have lots of members joining Redbubble with some trepidation and confusion. I am about to be absent for four days, but for those who are struggling and still have questions, the following may be worth printing and keeping handy!!

ALSO please note I am making enquiries about starting a group specifically for Ex-DPF members so we can mingle there, look at new uploads from our friends, have our own discussion forum, and not have to enlarge our watchlist and overload our activity monitors – will keep you all posted.

1. Uploads: I default to making the longest side of my pics 3840 pixels, and upload at 600dpi or 600ppi – this is sufficient size and quality for printing.
2. Getting seen: This is a massive site – the best way to have your work seen is to join a few appropriate groups and tick the relevant boxes when uploading a pic. Also of course you need to go comment on other people’s pics, and favourite some good ones – they in turn will usually visit your portfolio.
3. Commenting: Redbubble encourages short and positive comments. As they hope to attract buyers, gallery owners etc to peruse the works, they encourage us to give negative comment or constructive criticism via bubblemail, not put them in public view.

4. To put your photo in a black frame (either under the description, in a comment box, or under your Profile) you basically cut and paste the URL from the Properties box … as follows:
a. Click on the Buy/Preview button next to the photo you wish to see framed
b. Choose on the next page which view (white frame, black frame, card, poster etc) you like, and right click on it
c. Go to Properties
d. Copy the entire URL address (http: … etc)
e. Go back to the EDIT view of the page where you want this framed photo to show.
f. Paste the URL in position (under the description or in a comments box, or under your Profile) WITH an exclamation mark (!) AT EACH END with no spaces.
g. Hit “save” or “submit” or whatever and it should then show in the “show public view”

If you wish to categorise your pics as I have done under the description to the right of photos so people can see related photos all together in one place, bubble me and I will explain it on my return – a tad tricky to start with!!!

If your art is shown on HOME PAGE it is a huge honour!!!
If your art is Featured on ART page it is also a big honour and due for congrats. Occasionally Redbubble asks reputable RB members to nominate their favourites for this section.
If you click on the POPULAR button while on the ART page you can see the most popular pics for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. It is quite rewarding to see where your photos are in the list.

Also on ART page you can click on RECENT and watch all the new art as it pops in – amazing how many and how fast they come through!

Hope this has been more helpful than confusing! As I said, perhaps print it and refer to it rather than try and remember it!!

Talk to you all in a few days!!!

Happy bubbling

Rosalie :+)

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