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I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...


For those who have been asking, here is the basic process for getting the sketch effect which is used in my images True Blue No 2, in Ettamogah Pub and in George’s Old Rocking Chair and St Aiden’s Church.

Please note this does NOT work on every image – you need one with highly defined texture / contrast for it to be effective!

I use CS3 so it will all be in ‘PS-speak’ !!! George’s were done in Elements so the process transfers OK.

Open your colour photo in PS
Make a duplicate layer (which will default to Layer 1)
Desaturate it (Image / adjustments / desaturate)
Make a duplicate layer of this layer (it will call itself Layer 2 – or Layer 1 copy)
Invert it (Image / adjustments / invert) so now Layer 2 image will look more like an infrared or a negative.
Right click on Layer 2 in the Layers palette and go to Blending Options
In Blending Options go to Blend Mode and choose Color Dodge on the drop down menu. Don’t be alarmed if your image now looks plain white or almost white!
Click OK
Go to Filters / Blur / Gaussian Blur and fiddle till you get the fine sketchy look you want.
Then flatten layers, save, and Bob’s your uncle!!

Have fun – please let me know how you go if you try it.


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