"What is a Feminist"? (Answer to a forum topic in Pink Panther Magazine Group)

Well…it is a social movement…born from the profound feeling of women that up till now the genre..and more than that more than half the population of the world has been deprived of, soul, rights, decency and education….and that has been submmitted to the laws created by men, that are ruling not only the material issues of daily living but also, the moral and religious issues…and in order to create a sort of values that were stuffed into the brains of the submmited population, have stuffed too ideologies into the women´s brains..to the point of having found these ones (the ones that are not feminist..not even in thoughts) that the laws were right, and that who knows….”may be it is a truth that we are less than human”.
I am not exagerating…and I am not an active feminist.. not at all. I am not against men, for I have a man´s soul in me. I am for the women´s rights and in all senses…the first of which is education and not a bullied status in the homely station, and of course, once having the education, the same opportunities than men…
Feminism is not for creating or changing women and turning them into depredators, arribists, or fierce proffesional or politicians…but all the contrary, feminis will try to change the actual way of doing things in the social environ, and create a New Age…(nothing to do with the famous post-hippy movement) All I say is that if we do not create this New Age…the human kind will perish for the real Soul will be deleted from the tracces of history…so as there is a cyclic way of living…I know that we are now in this pathway.
Yesterday I was reading a wonderful book I love of Eckart Tolle…and he told that women are carrying a real heavy “body-pain” created by the terrible injuste and crime exerted over them, for centuries. And he gave us some statistics that made my hairs stand up. He told that during the terrrible two centuries of the Inquisition…between 3 to 4 million of women had been accused and murdered as witches in Europe too. He told that with the Holocaust it had been the most shaming and terrible event of the human history….and yet….I have to hear the catholic pope, telling that “well….it is time we ask for forgiveness…..” and so….and so…
Bullshit!!!!. They do not grasp what is all about. They do not really do it. Here in Spain…. women started to vote with the coming of the Republic in 1934 I think…and Franco revolted against it and turned again women to almost slaves, during almost 40 years.When I was married..I could not go ttravel without my husbands permission, not having my passport without his, or my parents permission. Women could not buy or sell any property, and of course…there was nothing to vote nor politicians to apparently choose. The strongest and most hideous catholic sects that I know…”The Opus”..whose founder was turned into a “Saint”…(what a terrible mockery!!!) had verything clear about it…women always behind men, obsequious, never complaining, offerig her sexual services just to give birth to un unwanted troupe of children that would engross the sect with new sap….like rabbits… well trained in their circus.
Feminism is not the policits rights….but the human rights. There are women defending their children…The mothers in Argentina, in Mexico…, in Chile, and in Spain..where many women were murdered during and after the civil war and their children taken from them and given to militar people that could not have children….and so and so..
Well…sorry for being so passionate about all this. I find that this is not a personal view..about my rights, or about my disgust for my own way of living..
it is more a defending of the whole humankind and I vote for making it clear and loud…to any one… men or women, that are not understanding what is all this about being a human being…. complete and responsible.
Hope you will read this with simpathy….is coming not from a bad conscience, not from my bad blood…but from my utterly compassion to all the living society.

"What is a Feminist"? (Answer to a forum topic in Pink Panther Magazine Group)


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This has been written encouraged by a question that is a forum topic What is a Feminist? in the Pink Panther Magazine Group.
I encourage to visit the forum to any one wishing to participate and leave their own thoughts about it, or even information that can be quotes taken from memory or any book or other media
It is really open to all souls, men or women.

Thanks dear host bdazzled / for your great encouragement in our participation.

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