Tarot: Meeting the "Cosmic Man"

*"The Cosmic Man" an archetypical character that Man has developed from his psychism and that is proyecting his original capacity. His individual soul is at the same time, realized and universal. Is is linked to the Cosmos and its Essence.

We cannot forget that Man is both “himself” and all the rest. I, you or they… all of us are carrying inside, the seed of Creation that is a real and eternal force. It is the “seed” that we call God. Its natural and pulsing expression is what has transformed the world of the internal images and made sprout the religious behaviour of the men. And it is not just a pseudo spirituality, created from the fear of death and pain. But the need for getting into the nutritious and creative core of this seed and discover this innate force without words. Just by a pure and direct experience.

It is what we call… “Enlightment”.

The representation and diversity of the Tarot cards are offering us the possibility of contemplating many facets of the development or archetypical journey of the coming of the “Cosmic Man”, in each of us. “The Cosmic Man” is living in each interior, and it is not something to be got, but something to discover and make it grow as an experience Along our history we have tried and assume this vision by mean of creating milenary images. “Adam Gayomart” in Persia, “Purusha” in India, Christ, Buda, Krishna… Anthropos for the ancient greek.
They are powerful images to which we are looking to. as if they would be mirrors of the Soul. All the pshychic reality of the individual is oriented toward the archetypical sumbolism of the “Self”. These images are signalling an incognizable secret….The unknown meaning of the human existence.

“The flooding of the ego representations (that are going from one thought to another) and its wishes (that are running from one object to another) are calmed down when the Great Interior Man is found.”
Carl G. Jung

The Mayor Arcanes representation is done with a numeration that goes from 0 to 21.
The 0 is representing the begining, (Alpha) the creative force of all moment previous to the starting.

A whole potency.. pure and stripped from all mental concepts or intentionalities. An engendered being that is gathering all the potentialities of the Ying and Yang in order to create Life.
The card 21 is representing The World, (Omega) the final coming of the new being.

It indicates that the Cosmic Man has already been realized in his four planes or basic foundations of his creating maintenance. Intelectual, emotional, physic-material and creative-sexual. This is coinciding with the four basic functions that were mind developed by Carl G. Jung. Thinking, Feelings, Intuition and Sensing. This Character, The World (21) is surrounded by a fringe with an almond shape (likely to a woman’s vagina ) that, as a seed , it will germinate more and more life and will be blended with the essence of the universal potentiality.

All the rest of the cards are hosting different archetypical characters in order to be able to look into them and finding the representative force of each one They are forces aboluteley inherent to the workadays, so much to the social or earthly environ of Men as to his most spiritual or unmaterial yearnings. Psychic structures that are encouraging the development of the Human Being toward his realization as the “Cosmic Man”

The “Self” is not just an entity related with the spiritual issues, but that it recognizes the Spirit into the Matter, in its flesh and blood. It is recognized in the animals with their potentialities of the instinct, feeding, force and intelligence. It is Matter and Spirit so it feels it like that. All the religions are intuiting the spiritual value of the Matter, and they carry it numinously to the stones, for example. Something so quiet and alien to the out growing of the intelect and human emotions. They represent something as the Eternal Manifestation. We could find so , the most ancient of this representation in the famous “Megalithic Cathedrals” (Stonehenge….) passing through our closest church foundations, like the Christianity… (" You are Peter and over this Stone I will build my Ecclesia…) It comes to our mmemory the sacred stone of Kaaba in La Meca, around which nucleus, the pilgrims as cathartic crowds are devoutly turning around, creating a mandala in movement… a reproduction of the Divinitie’s creative spiral. The stone that Jacob placed where , in his famous dream, he witnessed the “Divine Staircase”. St. Luke’s words ( XX – 27) “Christ is the sotne that the builders reproved”) And the alchemists Philosophal Stone that means that something can not ever get lost or dissolved, a “Eternal Something” that the alchemists compared to the mystical experience of God in our Soul.

Besides the material and spiritual nature of the stones, the human beings use the animals as a vehicle for the spirituality’s representation. They belong to all the imagery of deities, and are used in rituals because the animal’s souls help us to organize our disperse forces, that is the energy of The Fool’s Tarot card and so then be able to channel them.
Then we find here, the starring of the Intelligence in the Eagle, the Strength in the Bull, and the Sexual Creativity in the Lion It is appealling the Human Being to inherent qualities in himself and that are found reflected in the animals, and so despoilng him of the sterile egocentrism to submmit the that irrational being in order to live the quality of the pure conscience and so then complete the image of the “Cosmic Man”


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Tarot: Meeting the "Cosmic Man"


Bilbao, Spain

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