*The word…”evolution” is sounding a bit ambiguous. It is like “spatial”….extended along the Time or reduced to an hour. It is not adjusted to something that is determined and its value is resting upon this indetermination. It is supposed to go… moving outwards, the same way that the word “emotion” means “e-movere” (from the Latin Language)…. that is moving outwards, or the same word “extorsion” that would mean that is twisted from the exterior.

All of this is indicating that there exists something that is developing, or changing, acquiring new life, and doing it so because it is is contact with an interdepending agent that is obliging , pushing or conditioning it. Is, to say it so, the “fuel”generating such an event. Some persons, some species, an event, anything is subjected to this evolution and transformation. It is LIFE. The Universe itself, is the agent of such a miracle. Men are conscious of this “causality” effect, and observe their own acction and apparent will free causing such changes around. And, suddenly, Man feel himself as a transforming agent and starts very dangerously to beleive that this “free will” faculty is a right. A right to intervene in the way that Nature has designed Life. A right to “control” the genesis of animal and vegetable life, altering the bio-systems.. “winning” space to the rivers and marshes, woods or mountains. Right for “manufacturing” animals of desing, designed persons, designed food and eternal life dreams …. designed. Pleasure without limits….designed. World without sicknesses, suffering, with unlimited resource… and may be… even without soul…of who know it she could bother us.
This… in psychology is called.. “hubris” and in common language “conceit’s sin”. Conceit is proper of foolishness. Of unmeasured egotism.. which is foolishness, too. Man is loosing the earth, uprooting himself… driving away from what is nurturing.

Thanks, God… or thanks to Life… conceit cannot exist without paying a price. Ignorance too, though, not without suffering, from all that one can learnt. Fighting to supress the old times uncertainties…we will realize that our life is equally precarious. Enviromental, ecological, spiritual, catastrophes,. Emptyness, new mental deseases.. fear… always fear. And the “lucidity” will torpedoe us with the same violence that a heavenly bolt is de-crowning the Royalty of the Tarot’s Tower, where we are falling from like puppets, leaves shaken by the wind, in order to land head down into the Earth… the always so loving mother.

But we will evolve….By force… we will evolve.

Lao Tse (Tao Te King)

Tarot Cards are unfolding, for us to develop, in order to let us learn that Man needs, so much from the hard training, and chastisment, as from the moments of despair or euphory, joy or sadness. He needs to feel his intense hatred as much as intese love. We should integrate the posiitive and the negative. To look ourselve into all the possible images. To deepen into the darkest shadow to be able to ride on the wings of our “Guardian Angel”…We will dare to be “Devils” or riding on the conquering “Chariot”. We will enclose in our “Mystical Dwelling” or may be get lost in the “Dark Night of the Soul” looking with despair “The Moon” reflection.

And now we are introduced to the magic word. The Soul.
Men from any culture do know through intuition what the Soul is for them. But they can not describe it. The same happens with “Tao” that it cannot be described and its name is “Essence”. And though, we can observe with a paradoxical feeling that what is “ineffable” is that producing an enormous quantity of texts, definitions, classifications and intelectual discussion among the men. We are not happy enough with feeling… we need to “solidify”, retain the subtile, catch it into words that will give us the impression of firmness and eternity.
We do not realize that just that flooding and transforming is eternal.. and not for its internal qualities but because it has the intrinsical capacity for ” becoming”. The Hindus asses that there exists the Great Universal Soul and then the Individual Soul. The Taoists call it Tao. The Christians , God. And in the personal plane, it is the Home of everything that is happening in the Universe. It is the way in which each human being is able to reproduce… “The Essence”

Soul has eyes. Senses. Vibrates…The Colective Soul has created these “Symbolic Archetypes” and the eyes are looking into them like in a mirror.
Each situation, movement, vital transformation, is reflected in this mirror, that is not a crystalized surface… dead. But, rather, like living water, sometimes quiet, and others, agitated and turbid. We feel the need of calming this surface because the Soul is under all that seems apparent. It can be ornamented and faked. But when the eyes and consciousness look into her without thoughts, intentions or objections, then, can reveal all her intensity. From there, the importance of the conscious meditation. The clean mental quietness it cleans like “Water of the Soul”

Lao Tse (Tao Te KIng)

When talking about the water, we really imagine a well at the bottom of the being, but let us not forget that a dirty water, is always reflecting the sky, without letting us to see the profound of it, so it is the look what it minds… as a metaphore of the Soul.
Her expression’s vehicle is the water, for it represent the essence of the emotions, besides another interpretations. The person that wishes to look into the “watery surface” of Tarot should get ride of prejudices, deffensive or nacissistic movements, and though remain sincere, and free of pre-interpretations about what is what would be lovely to see… and really to try to see what it is. It is basic, then , that the person that is interpreting the cards, will do it from the point of view of submmitting to the truth. An egocentric tarotist can produce confussion instead of clarity. His goal is not to tell things that may coincide with the “apparent truth”. His or her act is an intuitive act… and can only serve as a mediator between the symbol of the card and the consultee’s Soul. To the utmost… can suggest or encourage to produce new questions, investigating into the persons mood and trusting in his or her capacities as a guide. The Tarotist, besides being able to perceive the message in each symbol and its myriads of interpretations, should make the effort of witnessing the spectacle of this unfolding of the consultee’s Soul, is if he or she would be really contemplating the transformations that are happening in other plane of the person. And of course, should have the sufficient objective quality as for not intervening, foretelling or encourigin behaviours or inducing feelings that would not be but the product of his or her onw boasfulness’s projection.

Taoist aforism

We have then, come to the conclusion that it is relatively easy for the human being, to work as an “evolution’s agent”. Is able to manage his circumstances, in base of the so called “free will”. From the judeo-christian point of view this faculty is a divine gift. A sort of defect that is driving him to unccountable failers of the intelligence and a life full of pain and miseries. From the oriental vision, there is not absolutely anything to be controlled. What does happen, it does in a totally spontaneous way. In fact, the famous Buda`s precepts use to be take as the “Ten Commandments” of Budism, that this is not the reality. The are simple recommendations of higienical character about the proper behaviour that a human being should excercise if he does not want to “loose his soul”, but that in case of commiting to the will change the Life’s orientation, never as something to get, but as a vital pathway.
At the end, as a sublime recommendation we have that of remaining with the soul clean, the look , clean and an absolutely awaken conscious. All men’s sins are considered as an absence of consciousness. Other thing, is the laws and habits that regulate the socialization..

In the Tarot cards, it is given a lot of importance to the opposites’s integrations. Man-Woman, Matter-Spirit, Earth-Heaven, Father-Mother, Receptivity-Negativity, Darkness-Light, Intuition- Intelect, Animality-Humanity etc…. having into account the men’s tendency to le himself fall towards a side of his capacities, while is resolutely fighting for denying himself. His sensorial functionality so developed in a practical way, that Life is presented in a touchable way…utilitary. Life is what it can be measured, labelled…”making progress”. This collective hallucination that he has the possibility of changing anything that he touches gives him deifying exaltation. He excerts with fruiction what he considers his capacities and … up to some point, pretends that Life will be something “useful” and that even the own way of serving himself of the religion is becoming a sort of artifice, more or less like a “metaphysical pill” of a great social usefulness, a sort og “Password to the Beatific Eternity of Heaven. Messes, baptizings, funerals, processions, moral precepts, controlled sexuality, or which is worse, fanatisms, fundamentalism, and all the “isms” are trying to get along in a twisted way, to the Soul Pathway. And end up turning into mere superstitions, or emotional exaltations of a yearning, really honest, but decidely lost.

For that reason, it is important that if one wishes to look into the Tarot cards should be ready to be humble, and sincere, some things can emerge that would cause him bothering and even pain. For, even having admitted, that it is a wonderful learnng way and neither goor or bad per itself, it is not devoid of negative interpretations, that far from frighten us could be illuminated by others equally positive.
You may see in them this “yourself” , that since inmmemorial times has watched with terror anything that would make him suffer. Has let himself been modelled by the circumstances, getting socialized in a necessary way while loosing contact with the Soul. They may, reveal that which is hidden, the repressed shadow that is hosted into the backstage of the consciousness, until this is so dense that could be compared to the metaphoric texture of the desired petroleum. Our Soul felt as a living fossile chaged with energy, of sinister aspect, dense and alarmingly contaminating.

It has always called my attention that in the christian religion, the “Soul Salvation” seems to be a kind of “bargaining” to a God, apparently merciful, to whom you can accede in an individual way, and specially if this relationship is reached with a titanic effort in order to gain the indidivual salvation of our own soul. There exists a kink of “faking hummiliation”… starting to consider ourselves like pure garbage contains, and then, be ready to deserve all the goodness possible. I feel it like an exhibitionist exposition of ourselves, without getting into account that this will press our shadow down even deeper. It is like feeding the dragon of the fairy tales with fried potatos, when he is wishing is to devour you by complete, and afterwards to spit you out (as a metaphor) like a new renovated and clean being.
We cannot forget the symbolic of these mytical animals that eat people “for a while” in order to returning them to a new life… and with a meaning and real Soul, (Jonas and the Whale, Gepeto in the Pinochio’s story, Riding Redhood….and so far. )
This tangencial thought has to do with the force of the symbolism that Tarot is nurturing with.
And the end… it is affirming that the Soul is Ying and Yang… but also telling you that is dark, indescriptible, and eternal.
Rosa Cobos*

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2009 – All rights reserved



Bilbao, Spain

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Artist's Description

Each time look myself into a mirror….
find a homely face….
but behind the familiarity
there are characters of Soul,
each one mimmicking my experiences,
trying to feauture my essence.
I play to be each of them,
while The Fool laughs with his eternal laughing.

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