"Meditation&Travelling Soul" featured in STORY THROUGH IMAGE GROUP. Thanks a lot

Dear friends,
I am pleased to announce that my dear work “Meditation and Travelling Soul” has been featured in STORY THROUGH IMAGE.
From my heart, I want to thank the hosting team for giving me such a honor. An special hug to C Michael Cox for having chosen the work and sent me a kind banner of announcement.

*Limbs relaxed..
Fixed light.. near the brows..
Always the next train..
May be… something will come..
May be I´ll get transformed..
May be… I will go.
But I don´t..
They have passed me by..
rushing in lights..
and sounds…
I perceive my own..
before being swallowed..
by a tunnel… dark and warm.
No waving..
Not concerning…

Like the snake´s skin..
my ego..
soul of feeling and thought..
ist just leaving..
and goes..
to the other side.,,
of the irreal world.

© Copyright 2008 Rosa Cobos . All rights reserved

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