"Princess of the River" featured in GRAPHIC EDITING GROUP. Thanks a lot!!

Dear friends,
I fell proud and honored to announce that my “Princess of the River” has been featured in GRAPHIC EDITING GROUP
From my heart I want to send a warm hug of gratitude to the hosting team.

*A black boat to navigate the silences.
Little table stolen from the stars.
Princess quiet in her eternal waiting.
Behind….the River stops flooding
and moved to compassion, trembles.

Weeds….sincere creeping dreams.
Weeds….Earth´s Hair in yearning.
Weeds….Breathing verses of the Ancient Witches.
Weeds….Loving sensual Roots, out… breaking.

I´m dying, dried and stolen from Life.
Deaf…mute….captive prison without bars.
Cannot swim in you… my River,
turned into a pouring curtain of my heart.
Screen waving layer as a witness,
moved to tears by his own reflection.
Like Narcisuss, in love with his iced eyes,
turning the beating blood into deception.
My Realm, throne of inviting feathers,
My Lover, Essence of a drowning mind…
My Mind, growing crocuses,
out of the misty , soiled Life.

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