"Between Spìrit&Passion" featured in FEELING ONENESS THROUGH THE TOUCH OF HEART. Thank you so!

Dear friends,
I am pleased to announce that “Between Spirit&Passion” has been featured in a great group . It is FEELING ONENESS THROUGH THE TOUCH OF HEART
I consider this a honor and a great news that I am happy to share with you.
I am sending my gratitude to the hosting team, but a real special hug to aspectsoftmk for she has chosen the piece and sent me the most kindest of comments and announcement.

White Soul.
Alba Anima..
Crushing the Essence..
Juicing out my Core.
Lost my Cor-diality
by the infliccting pain.
Pain of fighting cells,
Alba Splendes cell..
of intense Piety and Blissing..
Ruboris of my Passion..
melting my patience.
How can I stand the tension…
feeling the Dusk and Sunsetting…
not being able to intermingle..
to flood ..
to blend my Soul.
Life is pushing me out..
of its rage for survival…?
Heaven is uprooting my Love.
A Torment and an Extasis.
“Nigra Sum”

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2008 . All rights reserved

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