"Articulated Chattering" featured in IMAGE WRITING GROUP. Thanks a lot!!

Dear friends,
I am really pleased. This dear work of mine has been featured in “IMAGE WRITING” and you can imagine what a honor is this.
I am sending my gratitude to the hosting team. They are fantastic.
An special one to Meeli Sonn who has chosen the work and sent me a kind banner of announcement.

The great stage is at hand.
A circle of penetrating information,
peace and war sold at a bargain,
meditated gossiping…pearls of fiction.
Fools dummies of tender visions,
delicate armies of nonsensical apparatus.
The circle is closing around the conversation,
audible paranoia of doubtful interpretation.
The audience is snoring behind the glasses,
where politicians magnify the daily treats,
and undervalue the daily treasures.
No one can touch them…
no one can move them…dummy souls.
No one can sniff their perfumes,
or imitate their gait in regalia,
neither can they see beyond their jokes…
in fact…no one can laugh at their laughings,
for the tears are lost….and mystifying
the monotonous monologues.
Too tired to dance with the mob,
too sophisticated to share latrines,
too sweaty behind their laces,
strangled love under pressurized brains.
And I am thinking…
next time…
I will close the circle…
and will bring a whole orchestra
to sound loud and whole,
and reversing the trumpets of Jericho
will build a huge missile…
and with all of you…shattering…
in there from fear and cold..
launch it to another dimension,
to hit the vacuum of your hearts..
and wait…
until next spring,
to see how…
your silence…
has grown.

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