Just three days for the voting of the "Shadow´s Resonance".Nirvana challenge. We need shadows and writings

Dear friends,
This is as it is….
We need more participation into the challenge.
And we all agree that may be these dates are not swell for the challenge purpose, but I do not see why it could not. For I see that there is a lot of activity in the art thread and the writing thread as well.
Well….we have just three days left in order to start the voting.
The participation is being really “low” till now, but this is not a undervaluing the worth of all the entries. They are great..and we haver made a promise, of promoting them as they deserve it. I am formally inviting to participate, having little time for doing it.
A shadow is a real common thing to find in our daily photographic promenades.
And there are such a huge amountof eager writers to give a litte of their love and art, that I do not find it logical, to loose this chance to share and increase the level of our capacities.

Down the lazyness and up the heart!!!!!!
I take this chance to thank all the loving friends that have entered until now.
For them our best warm hug…..

For participation or information…..

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