"Out-of-Frame-Freedom" featured in Sisters in Arms Group. Thank you so.

Dear friends,
“Out-of-Frame-Freedom”has been featured in the wonderful group, Sisters in Arms
I want to tell tell how honored and happy do I feel and send my warmest hug for all the staff and and for Tammy (ktrosevear) for her generosity.
From my heart.

*You did promise me to travel,
and bought me winged shoes.
Opened the Life´s window for me,
and invited to trust my feet.
All of a sudden, a concert of looks,
harmonized with my mixing feelings.
I was there….alone…muffled thoughts,
drumming hearts of unknown people,
all rooted in their passions and habits,
expectancies of treasures never seen.

You did played the strangest of the lyres,
with strings made out of sighings,
and tapped my temples with your words,
creating a rhythm of frantic desires.
Could then my own color compete with light,
fragmented into flowers of a dazzling shade.
but the souls remained in their darkness…
special gold and coal and moons…so,
that is the way one sees the world…
when immersed into pressing silence.

Cheering out of their love for dancing,
I frantically stepped a magic gig,
I, wishing to make me invisible,
they, wishing to dance with me.
And the frame broke as ice spring,
melted with my breathing heart.
Skin burning with freedom lightly,
as a little bird´s first flying….
I surrendered to the cloud´s calling
your voice lifting my body….free.

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