Thank you dear HAIKU CHALLENGE participants. Want to see the voting results?

Dear friends…
So the votings were held and the results have been announced.
And it was …amazing!.
I want to thank all the members that have participated in the challenge. It has been a real “challenge” for some of them had never ventured to write any Haiku. And I have discovered that they have an enormous potential.
Each of them is a pearl, unique in colour and shading, though the size may be likely.
And it had pressed against the shade, the aroma of the Soul, the circumstance in their lives, the personality of each one. Little windows more clear than the eyes, and fresh as a child’s laughing,
It is our wish to create a “nest” of challenging writers and encourage the souls here to read other’s writings and even supply them with new insights. From this experience I can say that a new development will be born.
Thanks a lot to each of you, writers, and voters.
Now it is my pleasure to copy and paste the already edited in the Message thread of Nirvana. Just for make it more available to you… to everyone.
Congratulations for the winners and …the “no winners”….it has really difficult to vote I assure you.
A warm and huge circling hug for all of you

Drum roll please…….

Here come the winners of Haiku Challenge. It was a great experience to go for a written work challenge. Although we all were bound with the limitations for this genre on bubble. But the response was fantastic.

We have completed voting ( In the challenge forum and by Bubble mail ) and here are top 5 entries of the challenge. The voting results were surprising :) There was a tie for first and second place. So we have decided to honor results and share first and second position.

autumwind and Rosa voted for the first place by 5 votes each. Both share first position.

Els Steutel and Princessleah share second position jointly with 3 votes each.

Duncan Waldron holds third position with 2 votes.

We are very much honored to post their Haiku’s in this forum.


autumwind will be the featured artist for this month with her win in the challenge.

Featured Writings

1. autumwind

sweet lilacs in bloom
as if she walked in the room
my mother’s perfume

2. Rosa

And the salty breeze
orchestrating the prayers
through the wood weeds

3. Els Steutel

Oceans between us
Summer will become winter
Love will keep us warm

4. Princessleah

The essence of you
is embedded in my soul
you and I are one

5. Duncan Waldron

downy ear-lobe …
bedtime smile
by crackling logs

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