"Chess Dream" featured in EMI - The group

Dear friends…
Well….What a surprise!!!!
“Chess Dream” one of my semi photographic and self-made elements “Chess Dreams” have been featured into EMI – The Group
I feel grateful to the hosts and in special to tkrsoevar… tammy, from here….Bilbao…and from my heart..
My warmest hug!

The implicit order is a mystery.
I follow the patterns… exquisite proportions,
rolling in my hand like marbles.
Is there, following a stubborn perspective,
like compartments of a hive.
It reminds me of my thoughts,
with apparent definition and shape,
and the moment when they are like crystal,
drumming on the floor of my conscience,
Elastic, hopping up and down,
gravity pulling them into my brain,
and easy-going when I look to the sky.
My dream…stretched city of iced ripples.
The watcher calling out my name,
with the moaning of a siren,
advicing of a boat getting into the mist.
Light..I breath them out,
for I cannot loosen the lines of my trap,
chessed spaces of a reasoning brain,
where the I play with the characters
of my own Kingdom of Mind.
Rosa Cobos

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