Need a bit of help. Inserting formatted works into the streams. Thanky.!!

Dear friends….
I need some help here…
I have seen that many souls hare inserting their works with different formats, being a card or a print or whatever , and showing how it looks like, into the description threads, or even into the profile. I would like to do something of the sort but I do not know wether the proceedings are the same as the usual copying and pasting the photographs, and where these are to be JPG or Giff or from where could they be taken.

Can you give me a little help there?
I am not quite “clever” about all this, though I must admit that I have “grown up” much here…. competence and good friends are the best fuel for that.
Thank you so in advance…. and a hug for you.
PS…. Due to my “mental shortness” there.. you may use real simple and the least thecnological verbose….(je, je,)


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