"O Tu....Suavissima Virga".....featured again. In Abstract Digital Art and Writing. So..thankful!

Dear friends…..
I have to tell it.
Sorry. Not boastful..not need to congrat..you are faithful and I thankful.
It seems that It is the only day that I rememer having had three features in a work…and I…love this work.

So…I thank eagerly thank, Lina and Terri and of course, Judi Tailor as well for this great honor.
Abstract Digital Art and Writing
They are great artists, women and what could I say?….splendid hosts

All my heart to you all..

*Virgo splendes…
of uncertain desires.
Suavisima virga….
born from the moisted womb,
of the Eternal Mother.
Without eyes, you can contain the Light of Lights.
Without mouth, tender and flesh…kissing the air,
you can blow the ardent star of the Gods up.
Without sighings….
you can defend the honesty of your heart..
Without laughing….
you can make the flowers dance…
and open their organs with impudence.
Without caresses…
you can hold the skin of the World,
upon your small hands of the Eternal Youth.
Without passion…
the orchids, flutter their petals for you,
attracting the night with mysteries of future Life
Close…too close to the waters of the effluvia.
Gold and blue as Wisdom and Spirit,
bowing heads and organs,
to the Infinite Harmony of Viriditas.
Suavissima Virga…
In the Virtue of your Womb,
the Night is ruling the Tide of Love.
And the Orchids…
are stepping the gigue…
of the Seven Hearts…
and hot.
Rosa *

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2009 . All rights reserved

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