"SilencedTriad" featured in "Earthmonster Illustrated Magazine". Masquerades!!!Thanks

Dear friends..
I have been honored with a featuring in an special section of this great magazine “Earthmonster iIlustrated”, which aims is to promote art and thoughts in the best of the artistically and poetically terms.
The section “verses about” masquerades… obviously…you can guess why.. and all the same…it does not harm to visit it and see how good is the magazine and how grateful I am for participating in it.
Silenced Triad in one masquerade

I thank , in special to Tammy (tkrosevear) for her sharing and trust in my capabiites.

A hug for all of you.

I love the apparent repetition.
I love the way Life presents the images lived,
either in the past, present or future.
Black holes where the eyes have been melted,
in the heart of the rememberings.
so it should go… backwards to the Nothingness.
And the present, running without ceasing,
visions of things that are not,
in the instant that they are.
Vacuum face….
not knowing what is happening..
at all.
And that projection we call Future..
even more vacuum of Life and Spirit.
what is it but the echo of Inner lights,
fathoming substances..
of desires, fears and developments…
to the Nothingness.?
Life as a Great Musicien,
spreading his fingers on the keyboard..
and letting the sound of a triad,
composing the creation of a New World.
Clashing lights,
of a Silenced Triad.
I know.. there is not sound,
to lead an emtpy Soul.
Not until the breathing
of the last fluid of Consciousness..
will break the apparent repetition
of an eternal Ego.
Rosa Cobos*

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2009 . All rights reserved

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