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Dear friends.
I want to introduce to you, my Tarot Universe.This is a traduction , that I will be posting by steps, of an article that I had writen some time ago and loaded up into my personal web. The article is quite long, and that is the reason for editing it here, in different parts. Besides this will give you the chance of following the topic that will appear inside of your mind. I must confess that my Tarot Universe is strongly inhabited by three great pillars… Tarot of Marseille, Carl. G. Jung and Alejandro Jodorowski, which wisdom and incredible poetry and creativity cannot be equalled by anyone that I have met. I invite you to be free to introduce us too in your own Tarot World… so we may learn from each other and create a world without discrimination. This Group has been opened for this , so I think, noble reason.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
Have a warm greeting

*Tarot: Mirror and PathwaySoul

It is difficult to give a name to something so vast as the Archetypes and the Symbols. It is also hard to simplify and talk so much from the heart as from the acquired information. I have the feeling of trying to uncoil such a long coiled thread, so long as it is the space-time since the Man is living in this planet.

Knowledge… we all have it in a bigger or lesser degree, for we are all equal. We have been born by the same Universal Mother and engendered by the same Universal Father. The projection of our our birthing is driven to get into the same “Mythical Journey”, that is the meeting with the “true” being. And Among so many unfolded ways destined for being used by the humankind, in order to accede to the “interior treasure”, the Tarot is one of them.

It is also certain that all the pathways for the realization or the meeting with the Essence are seeded by many opportunists, that are profitting themselves from the needs and human weaknes, in order to prosper. To reach a power status or simply material wealth. They are found in the “spiritual” environs. They are found in the “psichological” environ and also, in the healing of the illnesses. Tarot is has been also contaminated by such practicings. This the the dark shadow of what is the real, honest, and is always at the service of each individual. In this honest relationship, the spiritual guide, the healer are but the polar intrinsical side of a situation that is expression of Love and Cosmic Energy.

There is a certain “cartomancy’s” using of the Tarotcards that it has nothing to do with the animic developping of the same one. The difference is not just in the style, but in the introspection, the submmitting to a real orientation. In the “fortune-telling” use of the Tarot, the consultee is a simple spectator of the cartomancer’s abilities for seducing the consultee’s consciousness. This one is “gifting” powers to this person that is likely to “foretell”, so much the past as the present, and thus, suggesting and conditioning in some way, the future. From my point of view this is , mostly, an imposture ,derived from the “candour”, weakness or ignorance of the consultee. And it is not devoid of dangers. The premonitory “lightness” of the negative events or complex situations can drive the consultee to,unconsciously, being situated in such an event. Besides, it can create a pshychological dependency, with the beleiving that some person can “see” through onself.

It is quite diffeerent, the using of Tarot as an evolution’s way. A light that is helping the human being to find orientation about the origin and
evolving process. A valuable help for getting to know the resources as human being and as an individual person.A mean for acquiring more clarity and discover hidden potentials. Realizing that one is not a being separated from the environ but is a whole with it. Tarot can also help us to express yearnings or seeing the way of facing different vital situations, that if they are not seen with more “soul”, they can be destructive to our faith in Life.

Alejandro Jodorowski, calls this point of view of the Tarot using, “Evolutive Tarot”. His practical, passionate , scholar, poetical and self-experienced vision, together with the information given by such intuitive and creative intelligence of Carl. Jung germinated in my inside. And they have “awaken”, what I “already knew”. Formerly, I had been diving into another sources,, but I must confess that there exists a hug amount of personalist interpretations, sometimes bizarre about what each card should mean, or how to use them. And there exist such a vast quantity of documentation and designs of packs, that evidently, or they are all true or none of them are. And, the curious thing is that , following the "sinchronicity"’s theory of Carl. Jung, all those visions that inspired me credibility, were related with Marseilles Tarot. Not disregarding of course other different sources. Therefore, I have been “submmitted” by its magic and light. And this is what I am showing to you. I hope it will be of your interest and may help you

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