Adding works to the collections

Hi friends!
I would say…I need some help.
I was going to update the pics that I have in my portfolio´s collections and I really do not know how to insert my not up-dated ones. I have been looking for some buttom or so, but failed to find it. Does any one know how to do it?

Is seems, for what I have got from the helping stuff, that they are having problems with Bubblesite functioning (in fact I have) and it is now almost without working with new stuff or newcomers. Could be a possibility that this service would disappear in the future, but they did not tell it to me for sure. The case is that I ..or, we cannot post any pic into the Feature or other collections of the Bubblesite and that is the reason for me coming to my portfolio and update my collections. It has been adviced by Jason, the handy soul that helped me to find out what was happening.

I would love some help to the respect. If I do not get it…I guess I will have to “bow my head” in a hummiliating way and contact with the “chatting help” (it is great this service though!!) Presently I am counting on you…it is more exciting!!!
Thanks beforehand, friends.

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