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Dear frineds.
Now I am writing you for begging you to help me a little bit.
I usually share my products of Red Bubble via Facebook, by means of a regualr link. And it sends the viewer to the work I have done.
Lately I have seen that many of my friends in here are showing different products with the model photographs and I really do not know how to do this link. I was guessing yesterday and got something but I am not sure.
And on the other hand I have seen wonderful displays where you can see some chosen different images on a single one…a sort of composition. I wonder if this is a real composition done with another app and senti it to fb with the account link. Can Iget some information about it here in Red Bubble…or has anyone tried to post the apparel and different products in any special w…

Adding works to the collections

Hi friends!
I would say…I need some help.
I was going to update the pics that I have in my portfolio´s collections and I really do not know how to insert my not up-dated ones. I have been looking for some buttom or so, but failed to find it. Does any one know how to do it?…

Is seems, for what I have got from the helping stuff, that they are having problems with Bubblesite functioning (in fact I have) and it is now almost without working with new stuff or newcomers. Could be a possibility that this service would disappear in the future, but they did not tell it to me for sure. The case is that I ..or, we cannot post any pic into the Feature or other collections of the Bubblesite and that is the reason for me coming to my portfolio and update my collections. It has been adviced by Jason

¡Sold a Card! "Winter Moon&Cats In Love

Hi friends…
I´ve sold a card!….yes great news for me.
I want to thank the kind buyer, for this reason, and tell him/her that this has meant to make me lift a little bit my head…so downcasted lately, for it is really hard to sell something here lately. Never mind!!!. Comforted I feel. And as the wonderful personage of the even more wonderful film “The Tea House in the August Moon”, Sakini….said when he wanted to cheer his “boss” up.
“Calcetines arriba!!”….in Spanish…“Sockets Up!!!!!!”


Dear friends,
It may be that some of you are a bit expert on these tools, but I am trying to find out how to expot (if it is possible) my Dazz figures into Cinema 4d and create so my own tridimensional works, and being able to animate them . Right now I just can blend them in Photoshop in still images. It is ok, but it would be great to blend the background and the figures all in an action. And the to apply the texturizings with my own photographs right there…too. (up till now, You tube has not helped me much, as far as I have looked for)

I would appreciate so much some info, direc or indirect (I mean to link me into some other place or tutorial)

Thanks a lot beforehanded.

NIRVANA writing section opened again!!...Had a break to moderate. thanks for your patience.e

Dear friends,
NIRVANA writing section is opened again for your wonderful posts of poetry and prose.
I must thank you for being faithful to our goal and tell your that we are feeling satisfied with your presence and thrilled by the quality of the entries.
Would love to feature more..but rules are like this….four per time to featuring.
But is good to flood and this is what we are doing….!!
A hug…warm for all.

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