The future year 3685 A.D. humanity has reached a pinnacle of evolution, no longer is the need to fiddle with such non-sense of intimacy and the human touch. It has been like this for at least 600 years now dating back to the Geno-decade when scientists phased out the purpose of mating and sexual intercourse. In some ways this was needed because of the high spread rate of sexually transmitted diseases, mostly super HIV and mega -gonorrhoea. The mortality rate of both these diseases almost wiped out 2/3 of the earth’s population. So the desired way of reproduction of the species was done now strictly by birthing clinics, scientists would deem who and when babies would be created. In a baby factory, a compatible couple hand picked by the database of records, would come into the clinic provide mouth swabs and then presto a fully loaded top of the line perfect BLONDE HAIRED BLUE EYED child would be designed for them, for an expensive fee of course usually about $1.7 million Earthero dollars. This ultimately meant that only the super rich could have children and that all the poor third world countries completely went extinct. More Earth , less people seemed to be exactly what the Illuminate wanted during the 19th to the 22nd centuries.
With all the advancements of humanity the whole essence of life was lost though , no longer was there a quest for mingling and interchanging of genetic materials , no longer was there a need to socialize and face the struggles of child birth and rearing. It was an assembly line of mass-production, a mould fit to perfection. One system that if anyone anywhere went against it themselves, and their entire family on both participating parties would be exterminated and wiped from the database of records. This system had no flaws, no downside, all was going according to product code and protocols, that was until one day a young rebellious couple decided to go against the norm and experiment with the human touch. A touch that was not utilized or experienced in almost 700 years.
This happened because of a genetic mutation in the male, he had a throwback gene that emerged and was not removed in the baby factory lab. Free to travel as he pleased so he thought, not know the Database of Records department officials had place a molecular radio identification tag within his body. This male had the primal urges to procreate and could not understand why he could not find a female who shared his passion. Failed attempt after attempt to consummate this drive isolated this male forcing him into depression and psychological turmoil. Deflated and defeated the male left the major urban city setting to wander the “Old World” regions of North America . These places had been abandoned for centuries , now nothing more then rubble and rusted metal. What were once flourishing cities , now were piles of scrap metal and debris almost resembling a nuclear holocaust had blown them out of existence. In this place though the male felt at home knowing he was different and unique he could act anyway he wanted , do what ever he wanted , but the nagging fact was he was alone. Like Adam with no Eve. He considered going to the clinic , but knew that with his genetic flaw he would never be matched with any compatible female. He was forever labelled as a defect.
Humanity now seemed to be robotic and mechanical , living only for what the Database of Records seen fit for it. Like a programmed machine people did what they had to without changing lanes or thinking outside of the box. They could not even if they wanted to, for it was not in their nature to do so. The individualism of humans was erased and therefore had become obsolete and animalistic.
Not the case for this male though, he could think for himself , be selfish, have anger, greed, envy, all of the ancient character traits of past humans. Was it a cruel irony or was it because humanity had to be restored in order for it to continue to exist?
On the other side of the Earth was a female very similar to this male , she had independent thought , and was not pre-programmed to offer her ovum in a Petri dish but rather to search out a suitable male in the primal fashion of flesh on flesh fluid transfer. How would these two make contact and fornicate their desire to bring back the ancient non perfect lab rat human.
In the male’s case it was a matter of survival that would cause him to find his female counter-part , with the female however it would be by chance and possibly an act of God. What ever the case maybe the joining of these two savage-like humans would be an exhibition of sexual release and primitive displays of bonding and loving emotions and acts of compassion and emotions. Emotions that have been written out of the human psyche and replaced with efficiency and linear guidelines that make a human more of a drone then of a senescent being able to express themselves both by body and by mind.
In the major urban city life goes on with people doing as they should do , having the essentials of wealth and status. Bottle topping their lives to meet the industry standard . One looks like the other , and so on , and so on. The city itself is a carbon copy of every other major urban city in the world all designed to look exactly alike. All the vehicles are the same , all the aircraft are the same , all the trains are the same , and all the humans look the same. That is except for our two protagonists.
By the time these two humans the male and female mutants encounter each other they both are of the age of reproduction , Its still unknown exactly how they did meet each other , but it has been documented that when they did , it was as if they knew exactly what they were here on Earth to do. A specific reason , a specific plan set out in genetic stone . To have intercourse and produce a child that is truly human , a child that would bring the species back from the dark ages and into the light. A new beginning of humanity , a chance to start over with a fresh sense of purpose, a new set of genetic rules that would change the monotony of assembly line children. This child was to be named Genesis. Is this the plan of a godlike creature or the work of the scientifically explained universe? No one was ever able to answer that question , the only thing answered was that humans are survivalists and through every type of situation our species can struggle , fight and succeed to continue. This is because deep within our makeup we have been encoded with the instinct to survive. Technology might have tried to replace us with a superior version or model but somehow the true essence of mankind came back and even though it took another 400 years after that man and woman met , we are here today , struggling , surviving, learning from our past, and living for our future.
Humanity can not be phased out for ever , in one way or another it will find a way , like life on Earth it thrives to live. Unless Earth it’s self is destroyed, humans will co-exist with it I know this because I m here writing this journal now to myself, to you , and for every other human on Earth,

Sunday , March 31 4077 A.D.
Unknown Author
Earth City #70021089




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