By Jason Pepper

Our journey begins in a galaxy that is virtually on the brink of destruction, it’s been known for quite some time by the elders and our top officials and scientists. This is why what happens takes place it meant survival or total extinction. This easiest way to explain what is occurring is the fabric of time itself has closed in on our part of the universe. Our world and our star system were being wiped out of existence. We needed a resolution and believe that we may have found one. Our top scientists have been hard at work for centuries trying to solve this equation as fast and as efficient as possible. The solution needs an immediate impact, time is a virtue and we don’t have any. It is unbelievable to think that in a matter of days what we known as life will forever change.

The plan is this, an organic vehicle (a synthetic womb) that basically will harvest our genetic material into living breathing beings will transport our history, our way of life, ourselves into another dimension to carry on what we have established on this realm and planet. At least that is what is supposed to happen. Calculations and mathematics can give you a universal solution , but no one has ever cross-dimensional travelled in our history. We managed to transport some molecules but nothing bigger then that, it did make the cross-over but once on the other side we have no knowledge what took place. It has been repeated several times in several different dimensions. We believe we have found the right frequency Unfortunately no adults, children or any living full grown species can travel on this vehicle, only specimens that will grow, develop and flourish on a new home somewhere in time and somewhere in a new universe. We have decided only to include our species DNA only and sadly have left out our animal kingdom but this is a matter of survival of the fittest. The question will be, will we be as successful as we were in this universe? No one knows.

Who we are in a nutshell, our civilization has been around for many millenniums, we have learned to excel our selves scientifically, artistically and spiritually. We walk on two feet and breathe oxygen. Our brains and body are classed as hominids. Our planet is a water based seven continent plant filled with an uncountable amount of animals. We circle a typical sun in a solar system with 15 planets. This is our planet my home our home it’s name was Atlantis.

Twenty-four hours till complete destruction, the vehicle aptly named H.U.M.A.N. (Hope, Universe, Mankind, Absolute faith, Never forget). The specimens have been carefully loaded into the vehicle a pyramid shaped star ship or star gate, will a multitude of stories will probably the most precious cargo imaginable. Our race.

Five minutes till departure, the cargo embedded in synthetic wombs, readied for transport into the unknown. Science fiction could not write a better story for what is needed to continue our species. A trip into a whole new dimension, a possibility a theory that was laughed at in history’s past. A theory of ripping into a dimension outside of our own. The H.U.M.A.N. craft has powered it’s engines and has begun it’s final countdown to a destination of immense importance and proportions. The gate way opens into this unknown realm as it does the H.U.M.A.N. craft leaps into the other side as it does our universe complete implodes into nothing. A millisecond and nothing to remember us by, or is there?

The H.U.M.A.N. craft enters a new dimension unscathed undamaged. The specimens are fertile copies of Alantisians . The H.U.M.A.N.’s organic computer system has located a planet deep within this system, a planet that fit’s the criteria for survival. Could this be a match for a new home, a new existence and a new start for us? No one knows.

The planet is a match, a water based 5 continent relatively small blue skied planet that will have to suffice. Total estimated time for arrival is approximately thirty-five years from this point of space. This would be almost perfect for the growth and maturation of the specimens. By now the twenty thousand (ten thousand males and females) specimens should be growing into living , breathing extensions of our past. All with our genetic material, created in our image, will they have our memories or will they create their own? No one knows.

By now the H.U.M.A.N. craft’s inhabitants are fully grown adults some with offspring, an important aspect especially since these embryos are the first naturally conceived Atlantisian’s created off world and created in an entirely unknown dimension.
From the original twenty thousand there is a healthy additional two thousand more. Although we were a highly advanced society, and civilization on Atlanta, these hominids are unable to communicate with language or written words. In fact all our knowledge was lost from the transition from one dimension to the next. Will it ever show itself again? No one knows.

The new planet was in view as the H.U.M.A.N. craft began it’s descent onto this alien world in an alien universe. The landing was perfect, in a large body of water between two continents. The body water was salt based and had a enormous amount of aquatic life. As the H.U.M.A.N. craft settled in the on board computer system dissolved in order to preserve it’s secrets of the origin of where we came from. The problem was a word remained carved into a skin like wall that said Atlantis. Will the indigenous species of this world decipher what this meant, or would we at some point? No one knows.

Floating on this living island the Alantisians had much time to form family tribes, alliances, enemies and some brute weapons. A sign that the minds of these individuals were beginning to show growth. In fact the growth was so quick that a group ventured out into the ocean swimming a little bit a first, the further and further until they did not return. Turns out this group made it onto land. Other groups saw this and mimicked this activity until they were not seen as well. By now the once twenty two thousand descendants dwindled to nearly 8 thousand. This was from age, sickness, and from the groups that left. What happened to those that did leave? No one knows.
The inhabitants that did stay on the floating island continued to develop socially, artistically, and scientifically. At a prehistoric level of course this would seem unusual. With virtually no natural predators or lack of food these individuals flourished at a highly quick rate so much so that it would seem all most out of this world. What would become of these Atlantisians? No one knows.

Meanwhile the group members that swam to a whole new area of this planet in every possible direction found suitable environments to begin a new life. Although this planet did not have a climate control device or system it was possible to exist and thrive with sustainable food sources. There was one problem, a very big problem another hominid. A huge species with a large cranium and a large brow to match. This lumbering big creatures walked this planet in their own groups living in caves. Would this serve as competition or as an added influence to the Atlantisians that left the safety of the H.U.M.A.N. craft? No one knows.

The continued advancement back on the floating island was impressive. Linguistics begun to sprout up. Vocalizations of sounds and hand gestures were the primary source of communication. The attention span of these individuals was also impressive , the adaptation to this new planet was flawless, tools and implements used to fish were created. Even some skins of large sea mammals became clothing. All these adaptations with no guidance just sheer necessity. How far could this group still on the floating Island advance with no outside interference? No one knows.

On the continents some of our travelling groups began to settle in caves similar to the large brow hominids. In fact some even coexisted with the large brows. In extreme situations cross breeding occurred, and in others all out war eliminated the large brows. It depended entirely of the food supply. Although the large brows were seemingly stronger the did not have the intelligence to strategically hunt the Atlantisians . The cunning brain of the Atlantisians gave them the upper hand against this physically stronger, more durable foe. This also presented a benefit for the Atlantisians when hunting food. The large brows seemed to be failing at every thing the Atlantisians were succeeding at. Would this prove the turning point for the Atlantisians and the demise of the large brows? No one knows.

The complex family groups on the floating island almost seemed familiar , the structured society resembled a Utopian image of harmony and peacefulness. The advancements kept occurring with a fundamental language in place communicating was much more easier. Complex grunts and gestures signified exactly what the messenger was saying. And more impressive was the receiver understood and responded with their own grunts and gestures. Basic forms of artistry also were created crude drawings in the sand and paintings on the wall drawn with seal blood had meaning and a purpose. An awareness of the floating island also was important, these people were becoming what we were. Civilized. Would they reach the maximum potential and growth we achieved? No one knows.

A devastating cold season that was unusually long nearly wiped out all the long brows. It also killed many Atlantisians that was until the discovery of fire. Both the long brows and the Atlantisians utilized the fire for warmth, however there was one major difference. The Atlantisians began to cook the flesh of animals they killed. This was another display of growth and adaptation. Another major growth example from the land groups was the use of their own language systems. Not as complex as the floating island but still impressive. Then a change that would give the complete upper hand to the land groups for ever. The total extinction of the large brows. With no direct competitors the land groups procreated and began to populate their areas in great numbers. This in turn also created internal rivalries the land groups began to attack each other. Some land groups became cannibals while others became nomadic. The walking land groups travelled into far reaches of this new planet in search of food and shelter. Would this cause the total loss of the Atlantisian way of life and create a new sub-specie? No one knows.

The floating island dwellers were now at a point were the language complexity had advance to the point of a full conversation. Art forms once a crude attempt at best were now exhibiting thought process a story, and a show of memory. Pictures from past generations to carry on the tale to the next this was the foundation for religion. This branch of the Atlantisians were excelling at an alarming rate. Could it be that the mixing with the large brows or the harsher environments caused a delay in the growth of the land groups? No one knows.

The land walking groups stretched from continent to continent by now. Each group exclusive to their region. Almost becoming isolationists they all settled in to their respective homelands. Of course there still were the nomads, but the growth seemed to remain stagnant for sometime. Each group though created language specific to that region, arts, crafts, medicines and remedies, and most important stories. The spoken word carried the stories of success, failure and war. The land groups had an embedded urge to pillage the neighbouring rival groups. This was such an instinct that many groups were completely destroyed. Would this be the end of the Atlantisian history? No one knows.

The floating island dwellers on the other hand were complete at peace with one another. The life for these people were so peaceful that most of the time they spent sky watching and exploring new ideas. Boats were created enabling them to leave the floating island for fishing and then for sea adventures. Adventures that would force them to see what this world had become. Violent, destructive threatening. After that realization the floating island dwellers decided it would be best to remain uninvolved from the land walking groups for now. This interaction however opened the door for the land walking groups to search out for them. Would this cause the floating island dwellers to engage in war for their first time in their history? No one knows.

By witnessing first hand of floating devices on water the land walking groups in the areas of the world where the floating island groups travelled began to uncover the secrets of sea travelling abilities. They too designed boats of their own. Other groups created sections of study into areas not thought of before. Science was born for the land walking groups. With that a new sense of a bigger purpose arouse for some of the land walking groups. They too began to look up at the stars wondering, thinking. Art of all kinds erupted, farming abilities the idea of keeping livestock and trade was formed. The gift of language was so common now that not having the ability to speak in word was an unknown. Wars were on the decline for the most part. A new wave of consciousness was found. What would this mean for the land walking groups? No one knows.

On the floating island the dwellers for some reason had the entire floating island’s occupants building pyramid shaped artefacts. No one could explain what the purpose was behind this only that it was important. Plumbing was also invented, clean water and hygiene were very important to the floating island dwellers, complex sculptures and paintings could be seen all over the island. Music was also invented and something called mathematics. Symbols and numbers all equating to something. A strange thing happened to with the invention of writing, one island dweller read the carved word that still bulged out of the H.U.M.A.N. crafts wall Atlantis. What did this bizarre word mean? No one knows.

A land walking group member that owned a boat ventured out into the sea and came across the floating island. Puzzled by what he saw he approached the island cautiously. Coming a shore he realized that he was not anywhere he had ever seen before. This island was beautiful, the people so clean, so unknown. Scared by what he saw , his only thought was that these people were gods, and that he was in heaven. The entire experience was extremely overwhelming for this land walking group member, especially when he was discovered by one of the floating island dwellers. Startled he panicked drawing out his blade he carried. Thrusting the knife in a defensive manner he struck one of the floating island dwellers causing him to drop one of his pyramid sculptures. The land walking group member grabbed the pyramid and escaped back to his boat. He paddled as fast as he could going back the way he came from. With no one following him he felt relief , but would his country men believe his story of god-like men and women living on a island? No one knows.

The floating island dwellers assembled a meeting to discuss what had happened with this strange man. Feeling no threat they decided to carry on with their usual lives. Time passed and there were no visitors or intruders, the floating island dwellers now named their island Atlantis after the carving . Atlantis had become the most sophisticated area anywhere on the planet. No other civilization had even come close to the achievements made by them. This continued onwards for hundreds of years. Then one day a fleet of visitors showed up would this be the end of Atlantis? No one knows.

The land walking group man on the boat made it back to his country. Holding the strange pyramid he wondered what he should do with it. He thought about keeping it but knew it would be wise to show the King and tell him this story of majestic god-like beings living on an island in our ocean. The King heard his story and felt so compelled that he ordered a tomb to honour these gods for himself in the shape of a pyramid. In fact all the kings after him also ordered pyramids as tombs. The quest to find this mystical island and speak to and touch gods was so profound that many nations joined in on the effort to find this Shangri-La Utopia. Months, Years, Decades and centuries went by still nothing was found. There were stories of nations finding this magical island but nothing to prove it. A blind philosopher claimed he found it and was even there. It must have been true he knew the name of this island Atlantic. Of course that was wrong but the ocean around this island became and was named the Atlantic ocean in honour of these island gods. Did this blind man really step foot on Atlantis? No one knows.

Atlantis was on the verge of something spectacular the first science experiment involving space travel. How could this be possible? It was possible we seemed to have a natural response to appreciate the stars and an almost unquenchable thirst to understand why the universe is they way it is. Atlantis was no different, the residents looked up and wondered what is out there. This was true except for one group of Atlantisians who began to feel that this planet is their home and that they did not want to leave. They began to feel a sense of contentment to this planet and decided to stay. As this group decided this they decided a name for themselves a name for all on this planet. Humans.
There was an important additional stipulation the promise of an eternal pledge a of silence. This group promised not to share any of the scientific advancements or knowledge with the land walking group but to live amongst them with a story that Atlantis simply sank and disappeared into the ocean the Atlantic Ocean. A story that still is told today, is it an entire tale of imagination of many or was Atlantis a real heaven on Earth?

No one knows.




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