Another lazy day

Well im back from the Holland America Prinsendam, really glad to be rid of that ship. Dont get me wrong, cruising on there for the last couple of months as girlfriend on board was wonderful. But you see i need to work, i need to earn money for myself and the fact that ive not had work for the last year and half is driving me up the wall and down the other side.

I dont really know what i want to do in life, you see ive been drifter for as long as i can remember. Ive never been able to pin point, like other people, what i want to do. I look at my family and they’ve been at the same job for the last 15 years. I dont know whether i can do that. I love to travel, photography and ships.

Well ive been working on cruise ships for four years but when i met my boyfriend i quit as my company didnt want to help me get on the same ship he was and also they have been paying me really really crappy. Im very fortunate really, ive got no dept what so ever to my name, but the down side to that is that i dont have home or car or any money what so ever to speak of.

I really want to own my own gallery one day as i want to showcase my pictures. I really come to love photography, i get to express things that i dont really know how to express in words. I would love to work as photographer on the cruise ships but the thing thats the problem is that i dont have any formal training in the photography department and i need at least two years before they even concider me.

One day ill be great photographer and my pictures will be well known, Until then i guess i will just have to make do.

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