Stockholm, Sweden

Who doesn’t love references? Those who don’t get ‘em! So educate those poor mishaps by throwing those references all...

So it begins...

I’ve been meaning to get this thing started for a long time now, and I’m finally in the opening stages. This is a bucket-listian project which will hopefully encompass a website, a youtube channel, a blog and this, the shop. Right now, I’m filling it with original artwork I’ve had for years and always saw as t-shirtable, but eventually I hope to make it a store for the aforementioned network. It’s a brave new world, and it’s a lot of work! But, I have all the things I need. Namely time, creativity, and more fresh fruit juice than you could store on an oil tanker.

In short, I shall soon be bringing it. Making it brung. Broughted. Etc.

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