When Unicorns Meet Cyber Teams

Although it may sound a bit imaginary, the situation of prehistoric mythological unicorns rendezvous with cyber security futuristic teams is not imaginary anymore. These days we’ve just been notified about “ForeScout” – one more cyber security Israeli company who had joined the exclusive club of technology unicorns that crossed the one billion dollar valuation mark.

For Israel, a country with a population of eight million people, equivalent to New York city eight million population this is an outstanding achievement. The extremely entrepreneurial culture that’s present in Tel Aviv can not be denied. With more than thousand new startups founded each year, Israel’s startup nation has produced fantastic sources of innovation and world class technology companies.

Post acquisitions, Tel Aviv startup scene has been decorated with all the above mentioned logos where Google, Apple, and Facebook have all set up engineering operations in Israel in order hire technically outstanding talents. Tel Aviv has become a serious Silicon Valley competitor where local venture capital funds are playing a major role in this game.

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