What is mine? Is yours? Is theirs? Is whose?

Hmmm. I am sure that the topic has been broached before, but not by me.

I was just browsing through the excellent work by fellow RB’s and came across some manipulated pics. The base for the said pics was very, very familiar and I am sure I have links to the originals at home somewhere (a site link or a scribble on a piece of paper?). The pics were manipulated to create something slightly different, but were basically the same picture (so slight were the manipulations).

So, what constitutes ownership? At what point does this become said persons image? At what point can one say that the manipulation of the image is creative? I am a true still image newb, I have at present only two photos on RB mainly because I do all things in life from my heart. If I cannot feel the shot I cannot take the shot. If I cannot feel a creative manipulation from a shot taken by me, I cannot manipulate for the sake of just learning what another Photoshop filter can do. I see so many highly talented artists and photographers on this site. People who want others to see things from their eyes in their world, telling their unique story. I want to do that as well. I at present only have two pics on RB. Not a great effort BUT I am a newb to still photography and I want to try and produce good work. I am pretty sure that I know enough about manipulation software that I could sit down in one session and complete a string of pictures using other peoples hard worked creativity.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am just trying to understand something that I don’t understand. Maybe I am just having a “got out of the wrong side of bed” day.

I spent about 5 hours last night writing 7 pages of a script. 5 hours for 7 pages seems like a long time for little result, but they are my 7 pages. There are influences in the writing that are implanted in my mind from others that have passed my way during my 44 years, but I am safe in the knowledge that I am not taking someone elses hard work and merely adding some of my own lines and color.

The pleasure I feel when creating something new from inside me has to be better than changing what wasn’t initially yours.

Is it Friday yet?

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