NOTE: IF I ever sell any prints or calendars the proceeds from same will go to Wayne and Stephanie for their Wildlife Rescue Care and Rehabilitation work

My wife Alenka and I spent most of our life on the “flatlands” of South Australia where any pile of dirt over 3 metres high is considered a hill and any water greater than can fit in a bucket is a lake.
We moved to Tasmania four years ago this coming July 28th (nearly every mainlander remembers the date they arrived to live in Tasmania- bit like a second birthday – a rebirth or restart in life to move to this different part of the world – and it is different in spite of it being so similar in many ways.
For example we live in a dry blue gum forest area where most trees are over 20 metres and many over 30 metres tall – back in S.A people would just about petition to have trees removed once they got over shoulder height – as a safety hazard (just joking but not really)
Both places have wombats and marsupials of the macropus variety , but those here in Tasmania are positively petite by comparison .
I had never heard of the little Pademelons that we have come to love so much , in SA a pademelon is a plant gourd found in paddocks in great numbers , a weed or pest and of no commercial value (that I know of) here the pademelon is sometimes also considered a pest and it is often hunted, for ”sport” ,which I find unbelievable having hand fed numerous wild ones that come to our place each evening to take our offerings.
I also find it incomprehensible as the poor dumb animals seem to have no sense of fear of people or how to respond , (they are nocturnal) and if you shine a spot light at them they just freeze and stand erect , not exactly a brave or challenging target.
Our tree frogs are so small we often hear them but even when we know where to look they are difficult to spot , many are less than 1 cm long .
Birds are not as common as one would hope in Tasmania nowadays many of the areas have been damaged by urban sprawl or similar invasions, developments?
But we do have some lovely locals (mostly small ) the pardalote, silver eyes , wrens and robins plus the thornbills and others. I have not had much to do with birds on the flatlands it seemed to be mainly sea birds and the odd sparrow,magpie and cockatoo etc I was not really aware of them in SA, here they wake us each morning throughout the year.

We live in an isolated spot some 62 km from Hobart CBD but for all intents it could be another planet at times.

Since arriving I have done a lot of bird photography and Alenka has dedicated countless hours to her novel writing ,check them out if you like a good read , I am proud of her work. Far better than many books I see on the shelves or used to make movies.(IMHO)
I also have a large collection of photos over on flickr , here I hope to concentrate mainly on birds and wildlife images
Anyway that is enough for now 
hope you enjoy the visit

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