This Monday I woke up with a neck pain

This Monday I woke up with a neck pain.

As usual, I left home at 5: 17 AM to go to work. It was so dark for a summer day.

The sky was covered
By leas of thin clouds that vanished the early sun light. I arrived at the Burrard
Sky train station at the same time as usual 5: 30 AM and met the same people standing
In front of the gate.

For this time the gate was not open at 5: 30 AM
It will open at 7: 45, a man noticed after reading a note posted on the wall beside the gate
That will make me terribly late.

I work part time for an e-company based in UK while I am in Canada. I called to say I will
Not in today and decided to take a sea walk along the Coal Harbor, my neiborghood area
Not far from where I live in Broughton Street.

A peaceful atmosphere reigned around the park beside the beach.


The sea – planes slowly cadenced
Over the ocean waves
And gave me a glance of freedom.

A dark skin homeless found a refuge under a bench. Not so far I met another dark skin man; an East Indian who had his hand in a prayer mudra and bowed me by bending is head

I returned him his bow with a right hand‘s mudra gesture at the heart chakra level
And followed the sea walk shore, until I reached the artificial lake on Stanley Park. The early morning light blessed the trees with its clear and soft pixels.

I contemplated their shapes, majestic splendor, and recited the psalm 1st. Even I felt a Zen moment.

I continued my promenade until I reach the ocean again.

The Feeling from an empty beach early in the morning, gave me a great pleasure. The ocean waves stayed far away from the beach. I walked over sea reeds and contemplated the under sea vegetations for at least one mile, the bubble sea reeds crunched under my shoes.
I felt dizzy.

I walked over stones and stopped beside a cavity, a sort of swimming pool of one meter diameter, where organic lives created a mini sight. I felt a strong energy
emerged from that small hold hewed by time. I passed a few minutes there;
perhaps 15 in total contemplated the stones covered by sea weeds. Calm waves voyaged through their
Lower fissure like a sneak.

I took some pictures with my cell phone camera. The light wasn’t that great. I let my eyes gazed at the beauty around and etched them into my visual cortex. I went back to the beach and draw over the sands three small circles of two meters diameters

facing the ocean and left the wood stick beside one of them. I did not scrutinize at them and walked until I reached the stone valley, two miles from there.

Centimeter by centimeters, I investigated around the topo to collect good small stones. It was around 6: 30 am when I found two perfect stones, a pyramidal one and the other like a crocodile egg.

It was a fabulous moment
with peace and waves’ punctuated
by bird sounds
not that strong
but enough to evoke a dream state.
I tried to take some pictures again and couldn’t. I walked from there to home
with a strong peaceful feeling in mind.

Roland Bastien

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