The days get shorter

In Ireland at this time of year it is still dark at 7.45am and the light fades about 4.30pm so that you have to use lights to do every’day’ tasks. Around the 12th of December I get impatient for the 21st the Winter Solistice when the days turn around again. The shorter days make me more tired.

I often wonder what it was like for the celt or nomadic tribes linked to the light and closer to natures rythym.

We we’re at the lighting up of ‘Santaville’ in our village recently (switching on the christmas lights in this cottage & its garden plus Santa) – I should say that the owner Mr Mac starts putting up the christmas lights before Halloween and some of them do not come down. I’ll try get a good photo of it this year the electric glow can be seen for miles around and two years ago they tripped the grid in the local area when the lights went on. Anyway the local who turned on the lights mentioned ancient times where they used to try and light up the dark nights and the link to christmas lights. It mademe wondered about the commercialism of christmas and the hustle and bustle is it just a distraction technique from the dark cold days – belief systems aside.


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