So much rain forced me to clean my studio!

It has been such a wet damp summer in Ireland that the beginning of this week I felt cornered to clean my studio. Considering I had packed it so full of stuff that it was more like a cave. I could reach the computer which is just inside the door but not my design desk or large easel… it had to happen sooner rather then later. Now lets be clear about my studio as much as I’d love to have a large open space like an unused warehouse or an enclosed barn I use a room in my home that is approximately 12 foot by 10 foot.
My textiles and felt materials had been stacked precariously and were now towering in from one of the corners and threatening to take over the room. My teaching art kit had spilled into more boxes then it needed and was fired in to the studio where ever it could fit. My work had disappeared underneath roughs for the book illustrations and application forms and half written proposals that have no funding or project plan and sit unrealised.

A typical summer for me is focused on the kids I don’t take on so much when they are on holidays (thats when I become a wahm – work at home mum). I have been toying with some art projects but have done no research or written proposals for them let alone finish the illustrations for the book (3 to go) or sorted through my photographs to up load some more to Redbubble or sorted my training courses for the Autumn!

So putting myself in such a bad mood I started (not good for the rest of the household). I have a large box of tall paintings I did from twelve years ago they dominate the room. My plan was to dump them first, photograph them then into the recycle bin. They are large paintings (typical size 150cm width x 207cm height). I cleaned a path to the box and took out the first three. I could n’t believe it I really liked two of them. In a strange way they are still relevant to my work. I’m process orientated and when I started doing these paintings I was a successful business consultant on a journey of change. They connected me back to something much more basic when my work was more raw. These were only ever painted for me. Cleaning the studio has been so refreshing – clutter is never good. Whats your working space like?

Today its not raining we even have sun so I plan to take the rest of large paintings out and go through them. (of course that will be between walking the dogs and taking the kids to the beach!) I’m looking forward to seeing the paintings again. Who knows maybe I’ll share some of them this time round. Some of them will end up in the recycling bin but some of them have a larger purpose then just being curled up in my studio.

The studio is mostly clean still a vague corner behind my desk but the clearing and making way for new work has started. Think I might have an open studio day and offer work for sale for a clean sweep.

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