Anti-gaming lead stance to tramatic forest experience

Well it was dramatic. I’m a mom to three boys, a 10, 6 and 4.5 they are avid fans of Playstation. I’m not and have never been a fan of gaming even when I worked in the localisation industry back in the early ’90’s. I just don’t get it. But as a mom to 3 kids in this day and age I have to face reality and deal with it.

Anyway the kids have been on holidays for a week – now into week two. So there was a clamp down on TV and gaming time. Monday morning saw us – me, 3 kids and 2 dogs in the car going to Courtown forest at 9am.

The walk started really well down along the chesnut walk lovely. Down by the river… The dogs are an old Welsh Springer Spaniel, Lia and a young puppy 6 months lab-sheep dog cross, Daisy. The Springer loves water and I told her to stay out of it and she was. The puppy was on a lead, Lia is old and sensible so I tend not to walk her on a lead.

We came to a bit in the forest with great trees for climbing. The kids were in their element. Next minute SPLASH!
Lia had jumped off an embankment, the muddy slippery embankment!
My eldest jumped off the tree, the puppy went mad. Lia was trying to get out and could n’t. I handed the puppy lead to my eldest and she whoshed him off his feet. So I had tie her to a tree (she went balistic). Picked up my eldestand we were both trying to find an alternative way out of the water for the Lia but she would not leave the bank where she jumped in. Its been raining a lot here and the river was running fast, Lia was tiring and getting freaked out. My youngest was really afraid. My 6 year old jumped down from the got caught on a branch stabbed the back of his thigh and ripped his shorts from top to bottom. So he was really hurt, Lia was still in the water, the four point five year old was afraid Lia would drown. Drastic action was called for. I had to lie down on the mucky – mucky, wet soggy ground and get the ten year old to hold my feet reach into the river and haul the dog out.
We were all traumatised and we agreed it would be good to go straight home.

I don’t think I will leave the house on a holiday Monday morning before 9am for a while. That night tucking our youngest into bed he asked “can we never take Lia for a walk there ever again”.

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