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Philip Rogan. Irish photographer living in Mallorca Spain. Available for all types of projects dependent on interest, budget and time....

New Bubble whilst another bubble bursts!

Sounds bad but nay I cry tis good! The bubble that has burst so to speak is my wife, giving birth to our first child a healthy wee man. The other bubble is this one. I look forward to posting up some more images and seeing how they fare amongst those bubbling through red bubble. I wonder how many punters roll through red bubble as I will have to admit that I would love to earn a shekel or two especially in relation to the fantastic result of our burst bubble!

I´ve been taking pictures for years both for the fun of it, for college and for pay. I find it a joy and extremely hard work and I love it when I get it right. That said, images that somebody apart from the subject might want to print on a card or hang on their wall are oft few and far between but hopefully I can drag some of them up and some people might just do that. Looking forward to bubbling and seeing the work of some great photographers and illustrators and I will be keeping the blogs work related as much as possible and I´ll try as hard as possible not too gush about my new baby boy (he´s wonderful, gorgeous, a fun personality and makes us both laugh our arses of and he’s 6 days old!). I´ll only put up pics of him if he agrees to model for me.

You´ll hopefully see quite a bit of black and white work and some fair colour landscapes. I used to work in the soft lighting of Irelands grey skies and now its in the bright sun and heavy shadows of Mallorca’s fierce but lovely sun. Hopefully this will provide you with some contrasts.

hasta pronto

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