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Philip Rogan. Irish photographer living in Mallorca Spain. Available for all types of projects dependent on interest, budget and time....

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A magic figure and one I am very happy with RedBubble providing me a platform for. A few years back, about 2003 I was so shagged off with photography and almost getting good pictures but often missing the moment. I was also unhappy with getting roll after roll back with bad results from the labs and from myself. I also (lots of also’s in this) felt that it was time to quit taking pictures altogether.
Then I went to Rome on my way to two weddings in Italy when some thieving scumbags knicked my cameras on the Underground. Also a book which I was reading the last three chapters of. Man was I angry, after visions of taking a small revolver and somehow finding them and executing them I opted instead for the offer of my host to borrow his camera whilst we were in Rome. I took tons of pictures and got a great return with plenty of nice shots.
Now with 10,000 views I am happy that I can finally get to show my photos from over the years to a wider audience most of whom seem to appreciate the work and most of whom I appreciate. Many thanks

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