126738 views and most for the Funny Baby!!

Now that you can see at a glance your all time most popular works you begin to understand more about the human soul and what drives it about the internet. Or do you? I am delighted that my work has been viewed this many times and would love to know how many of these are from Redbubble, how many are photographers, how many repeat visits people may have made etc. Hmm?


“My Sainted Aunt!,” as my Grandmother used to say. That’s a hell of a lot of looking.
Thanks to everyone and come back again and please comment it does my soul good.

225 total, 171 public, 54 private, 34639 views

Maybe by Friday we’ll see 35,000 views. How nice even if it’s repeat viewers, in fact even nicer that somebody might come back again and again to look see.

Before I put my material up on Redbubble, the dragging of the portfolio case was the main outlet for my work, here look see, what do you think? Do you like it, hate it, love it, it’s funny?; hahaha. Classmates, work colleagues, friends, family, job interviews, clients and the odd stranger got to see and I got that thrill of somebody watching what I had been seeing, what I had wanted to show. Is there an ego thing going on? Sure there is. Is it great to hear praise and see interest? Its fantastic, it’s food and air to me.

Thanks for looking, thanks for commenting, thanks for collecting a favourite and thanks for buying.

I really need a new monitor & now I have one ---Woo Hoo!!

Joder! Every time i go to a colleague or a friends house and sneek a peek at redbubble I see that my monitor is so dark and so ill defined that I really cannot see what I am doing at all. What I thought was a just right shadow with some tones appears washed out and sometimes its better than I thought it was!!

Bought a Mac!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait