Terence Russell

Hillsboro, United States

Son of an avid reader of paperbacks and a manager of a photofinishing plant in Abilene, Texas.

How to become a better photographer

When I first joined RedBubble, the first thing I did was check out the FAQ to see what was considered to be my best. It basically said that what you might consider your best now might not be what you consider to be your best at some later point. I am mindful of this, especially today, because I have been doing a sort of doing an audit of my archived photographs, trying to find those I have previously overlooked for some reason or another as I looked through my current collections for those images I felt to be my very best. In doing this, I have found several that I have marked to upload in the next few days to give ya’ll a break from the “red rock” landscapes I accumulated during last month’s annual summer roadtrip. I have looked through most of my albums now, from the early Kodak DC3200 through those taken earlier this year. I was really wondering why I have kept anything taken before the winter of ‘07. Maybe it is only to remind me from time to time how bad I really used to be. I am so very thankful to many fine photographers on WebShots and here on RedBubble for continually raising the bar, making me improve my skills at every opportunity. I have continually made a study of those images created by masters, both past and present that move me, in order to understand why they do so. Is it the composition, technique, subject matter, originality, or whatever? Once I gain some understanding of what I like, I have continually tried to implement the same elements into my own work. That is how I do it. I’d like to hear your ideas!

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