Computers, you gotta love 'em and you gotta hate 'em

I have had several images I have wanted to upload for the last several weeks, but my computer was wonky. It was getting so slow, it took forever to do anything. It wasn’t a virus, because I was able to run a virus check (that took almost 3 hours to do it in safe mode). None of the restore points assisted at all, so, as I have done in the past, run the recovery program and put everything back on. Finally, I had enough. I spent almost two days getting my computer to shift all the files I could find that I really wanted to keep onto a USB portable disk so I could restore it to the original settings. Actually, upon reloading all the software, I usually find that there are several programs that I never used that much that I do not even reload. Kind of like spring cleaning on your hard drive. Anyway, things are working normally again. Hopefully, I can give y’all some new images to praise or pan over the next few days.

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