Terence Russell

Hillsboro, United States

Son of an avid reader of paperbacks and a manager of a photofinishing plant in Abilene, Texas.


Bad news

Folks, I was recently told I have ALS. I knew something was wrong. I have had trouble walking, getting slower and slower. I cannot get up off the ground. I fall a lot. It is almost impossible to get into position to find that perfect angle to take that perfect photo anymore. Just enjoy my works. There will probably be no more.

What's the deal?

I just spent over an hour uploading, describing, adding to appropriate groups, etc. an image and when it was supposedly finishing up the process it logged me out. I do not have such time to waste. Now I have to get back to my day job. I know I do not share as many images as I have in the past, but now that I have experienced the loss of an hour’s efforts, I am perplexed as to whether I want to expend all of that effort again.

25 Things to Do and Only Time to Do 5

I apologize for not being very active for these last several months. I have many more new images to showcase, but it really takes time to do it right. I have to first process the photo file to produce the image I desire to use, then upload, then provide all the necessary and important information, then compose the tags, then lastly, sort through the various groups to determine which and to which groups that I wish to submit it, often reviewing the rules again to determine if it qualifies. In all, I would estimate it takes somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half to get all of this done. As stated in the title, nearly every day I have at least 25 things that HAVE TO BE DONE and only time to do about 5 of them. Finding a spare hour to an hour and a half is rare indeed. I still will d…

70 sales

As of today, I noticed that I have had 70 sales for a total of US$234.17. Of course, a lot of them are postcards, but my sole t-shirt design is still the biggest hit!

I have more new images

I have been very busy of late. I have many more images but so many are of covered bridges taken on PA and at least one in VW. I have not had time to go through my notes to make sure I have the right photo for the right bridge. I am hopeful things will be less hectic in weeks to come. I have already discovered what happens if you go on hiatus for too long: you lose the majority of your fans.

What was is no more*

*I hadn’t looked at my profile for awhile. Upon discovery, I find they did so much changes to the site that most of the work I had previously done was nothing but a bunch of pics no longer on the server at the place they previously were stored and a plethora of busted links. I have been very busy of late with my day job, so having to redo a day or two’s work to get my profile back in order. I did about as much as I could today . . . and just cut out the remainder of the script which still contained errors.

Finally, something new

I uploaded two new photos today. One that I took today. There was an unusual sky so I thought it would be a good day to try for a better shot of our local library building so ran to the house, grabbed my camera, which luckily had the right lens already attached and drove back downtown. My battery was dead. Thankfully not so dead that turning the camera off and then back on did not allow me one snap. Thankfully I got what I thought I had shot. It is uploaded for your viewing pleasure. I also uploaded my recent photo of the Wright Cycle Shop in Dayton, Ohio. I do have many more images from our recent trip to Connecticut and back over this past Christmas holiday. I suspect I have very few followers left after such a lengthy hiatus, but hopefully there are still one or two who enjoy my works …


I have taken a few new photographs, but other activities are taking up too much of my free time, of late. I’ll try to share some new works soon.

The sales keep coming

On the very first day I joined RedBubble, there was a challenge for the best music themed t-Shirt design. Well, having much more free time on my hands at the time, I decided to give it a try and came up with this:

It did not win the challenge, not even sure it came out in the top 10 - however, I decided to leave it up as it was my only attempt at a t-shirt design. Well, every time, or almost, that I receive a notice of a sale, someone has bought another shirt with my design on it. Today I scored my 16th sale! Someone sent me a Bubblemail telling me that I ought to do a few more t-shirt design. Well, if my day job doesn’t pan out — I might actually do a few more designs. I am actually a pretty good graphic designer. I just like photography better! ;)

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