Roger Sampson

Oliver Springs, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

Something important to me

This morning early I read a poem on RB by Matt Richardson
entitled “Tragedy”. After corresponding with him, I found out
it was based on an actual event where he lives. The happening
tore Matt up inside and he had to write about it. It is a subject that
I have tried to write about before with little success….but today I
had to try again. It’s about evil…it’s about our children…it’s about
how we look at those whom we love the most and what we choose to give them to counteract the vile that some would impugn upon our little ones.

I urge you please to read Matt’s poem – it is masterful. What I have written is simply my reaction, a reaction to a pure evil that I so strongly loath like none other in this world. I also wrote of goodness, that which is so much stronger and should be sought after…for all children.

What I wrote is a thought entitled “evil vs. good – a child waits”

Whether or not you like what I wrote is not my concern for once. I just pray that it would cause you to become proactive for the sake of love and goodness, for the sake of a child.

There are innocent children everyday who face and succumb to this evil….it breaks my heart. For them…cry.


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