Roger Sampson

Riverside, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

A good thing for all

Hi my friends –

I wanted to let you all know of something that I am excited about, something that I think is a good thing. I have rarely promoted or recommended a certain artist let alone a group (other than the group I host, “Freedom To Shine”) to anybody but… there is a new group on RB called Art and ink so free whose purpose is one of goodness. It does not embrace a “cause” other than what is good, what can uplift, and gives it’s members the freedom to express this message via the written word as well as visual art.

The host of this new group is Russell Holder, a man who is dedicated to the success of the group. He has many good visions of where he wants to take “Art and Ink For Free”, all of which are positives for the artists comprising the membership, as well as for those visiting the group.

I urge you to please checkout Art and ink so free and if you like what you see, join and become member and become a proactive artist for goodness.


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