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Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

Flat or Bald - "On The Road" question answerd

Well, people want to know which was flat and which was bald in the writing
“On The Road”. First I must say – yes – it was a real observation that happened some time ago, AND, no Arnold, I’m not the old tire. ( remember my friend, I don’t get even – I get ahead LOL ). Anyway, I was driving on a road one day and as I was slowing down for a stop sign, there was walking toward me on the sidewalk a young girl trying to do her best to look as punked out as possible. Just a few yards away was an old tire propped up against the curb still on it’s wheel. I saw both within a matter of seconds and bingo – the thought entered my mind. I laughed at the notion.

The tire did not have a bit of tread left on it what so ever, was smooth as could be. The girl, who could not have been more than 12 years of age, wore a white T-shirt, ripped -black pants covered in chains – and about three different colors in her hair. The T-shirt didn’t so much as have ripple in it, just hung there as straight as could be.

Hence, the old tire was bald and the girl was as flat as a board.

The mystery is over folks – there ya be.


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