Roger Sampson

Oliver Springs, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

A Thanks Expressed To All My RB Friends

I laughingly refer to my journal as; “My Kingdom”, the one place I can go and pretty much utter whatever it is I want to say. And as I always say – “It’s good to be king”.

When I became a member of RB, I would have never of thought that I would have met so many wonderful people and make so many fantastic friends. It simply blows me away. So…to all my fellow RBians ( think I just coined a word here ), this is for you.

L istening eyes take in my rhyming words
O pening hearts share in my thoughts
V isions dance as I read what you give
E mbracing emotions in each word caught

Y our presence always feels warm
O ver great distances
U nder varied circumstances

A ccepting pieces penned from feelings
L ingering on comments
L aughing on communiqués

M y astonishing wonderful word mates
Y ou return so much more than I give

R ed faced with each appreciation
B ubbling with delight over each one

F avorting to savor treasures forever
R elishing over the friendships gained
I nspired greatly by your constant creations
E ver amazed by the art my eyes taste
N ever dismayed by the stories you tell
D reams you leave of life’s many journeys
S pecial you are, I humbly bow to one and all

Love you all – - Rog

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