Roger Sampson

Oliver Springs, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

Something to say and share

Hi my friends –

I wanted to tell you all that I have been deeply blessed today – Yep I have!! I posted a pic just as a little gift to a sweet hearted child thinking it to be a nice little gesture… a nice thing to do.

Jordan’s Flower

What I have received back from this has so profoundly touched me, that it is hard to put into words. I received a million times more than I gave. Please my friends, go to this picture, even if you have already viewed it before, and read in the description area, Jordan’s reply given in her own words back to me.

This is what makes the world spin around. The purity of a three year olds words of how she felt when receiving a little gift. There is such honesty in it that only a child could display. I hope you will see and feel what I have, and some how understand that this kind of response is what we should feel when someone gives to us a nice gesture. And to know that it is truly “more blessed to give than to receive”. Again, what I received back was far more than I gave.



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