Roger Sampson

Oliver Springs, United States

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts it is my passion. Photography is my second passion.

Poetry - Life & Living

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My Spirit’s Bench

Once in a time when in quiet / My spirit winged, away it flew / It found its way to a garden / Gentle greens sleeping, timeless hue

My Shenandoah Dream

In the air are traces of sweet / things; honeysuckle and apple blossoms, / bluegrass and jasmine

Faded Blue Jeans

it’s about coffee first thing in the morning / it’s about the sunset’s red hue / It’s about the smell of a lavender candle / and it’s you

To Just Run

to run along a white trimmed beach with / little yellow shells buried half in the sand…

God’s Thumb Print

If Gods love is a part / Of everything you start / You can see Gods thumb / print on your heart

Get Off The Tabel Mabel

I fell in to the bar room / to try to drink my way out / there she was in the corner / dancing and flirting about

A Father’s Words

…my son, where are you off to? / I am off to gain the world father, / and claim it for myself. / To you son, some advice… / the…

What Is Waiting There To Be

There is toward the East in Heaven, / a lake, where angels gather to tell tales / about those whom they watch and care for.

Be The Kind Of Person

Be the kind of person / that gives away smiles for free,

The Little Path

Right beyond the path, / the one on the right, / there is… the little one.


not every love will last forever / some will be lost and disappear / but it will not change the fact / of what was given

To Be Much More

At evenings dawn the clouds come to play / And like them we can glow and soar / Shining brightly in a single suns ray / We too can become s…

A Unicorn’s Gift

A lovely green field now holding her view / On it soft dusting’s small red leaves wind blew

evil vs. good – a child waits

ugly greed’s, degenerate behaving / beautiful deeds, gracious giving

To Dream

to dream / is to be a visionary / to embrace a vision / is a declaration of hope

Daddies And Sons

daddies and sons they like the same things / chocolate chip cookies and flying machines

My Thoughts They Turn To You

I sit down, with pen in hand / to write a verse or two / I lean back, and close my eyes / my thoughts they turn to You

For Being Who You Are

I’ve seen majestic sunsets dipping into oceans of blue… / but in it all is what I see is everything of you

The Apple

an apple sits on a table / it sits there in stillness / How it is viewed and perceived / is in the mind of the beholder

To Spend A Day With You

We’d watch the sun set, there’s no regret / Taking pictures so we won’t forget / Oh what a way, to spend a day with you

nothing to remember… is everything

there’s no one to touch me no one to hold / nothing is the shoulder / for everything

Where Shadows Cry

she came to a place where shadows cry / silenced tongue sings no relief, no sigh / draws only sorrow nigh

The Little Things

Smiles from friends / a sunset on a beach / a child’s song / a pretty girl

A Heart’s Light

Man’s heart needs to dwell / in “goodness”… and humbly so.

The Rhythm of Time

The on moving moments… / the hours into days… / the rhythm of time / painting each new horizon

Soul’s Window

Tis through the soul’s window / that beauty is seen

The Wondrous Man of Music

The man of music tuned his guitar, / ready to play to empty hearts who have needs. / Those who pass by put coins in his jar / and right nex…

The Blending of Our Dreams

To dream… / to imagine “what if”… / to create from ideas / stemmed through vision…


To dance a tango when a waltz is playing / To wear blue jeans to a formal ball / To sing clear and loud what your heart is saying / To smil…

A Good Place To Be

it’s so very right learning / lessons of life / in dealing with things / as they touch passing by

The Light

The chords of its vibration sings of / peacefulness, they dance in harmonies / resounding in testaments of the greatest / love that dwells …


sometimes / when the music / is over…


so go to a meadow / there bury all your strife / it’s time for tomorrow / begin to follow life

Our Lives Are Like Water

Our lives are like / water that will flow / over a rock in a creek.

A Trilogy

yes it all comes down to a simple choice / to have calm in your life / and hear that still small voice / then heed what it’s telling you / …

Imagine If You Can

A warm almost soothing breeze suddenly turns into / a damp, chilling wind. A wind that blows strong into / a man’s face.


safe in a dream / alone / in solitude / I touch

Straddling Fences

You pick a scent / that vibrates / then wear it in a closet


it’s time to sit in a dark room again / with a couple of things to throw / and wait to feel what comes back


Nestled in a garden / beyond where thrones reach / farther away from where / sounds are altered

Evening Tide

happiness is adrift so it seems / and I sit patiently waiting for the / evening tide to dance in once again

Yet On He Goes

yet on he goes, just hoping for / an understanding word, a touch, a heart

….Counter Point

the clouds go away in the form of rain / love does this in the form of pain

Like Riding A Bicycle

Replayed fantasies / now only show silhouettes / gracing not even a face / to gaze upon wantonly.

A Candle Is Burning

The light is steady, almost sterling / as it calmly permeates the wall behind it.
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